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Muddy watches – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

22 Sep 2016

Well they came, they sang and they conquered and Muddy was lucky enough to be within spitting distance of Jason Manford who played the role of Caractacus Potts (rather ruddy well actually)! More well-known for appearances on TV shows such Live at the Apollo, 8 Out of 10 Cats and QI, the seemingly multi-talented Jason Manford took to the stage like the proverbial duck to water.

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Miso Tasty: Muddy eats at Ichiki

19 Sep 2016

Just revisiting this, one of our first and most lush dining experiences since Muddy hit the Northants streets looking for the best and most interesting culinary adventures.  Of course, nothing stays the same, and in this case the restaurant formerly known as Suntory, is now trading under the name “Ichiki” – which is the Japanese word  for “One tree”.  That may well be the case, but this is still a Muddy favourite, and we’re hoping to go back to reacquaint ourselves with the brilliant team, and delicious food on offer this Autumn.  

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7 reasons to get into golf (no really, it’ll keep you fit, make you laugh & there’s wine)!

15 Sep 2016

Friendship, fresh air and exercise – not necessarily the things I used to look for in extra curricular activities in my teens, but now I’m that little bit older, ahem, these things tick the boxes of what I want in my spare time (life is busy enough to find the extra hours, so if I can include various positives and have fun, all the better).

In two weeks, I’ll be on Rushden Golf Club with a few of my Muddy Sisters, seeing if all of these things are actually true!

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The Muddy Guide – Curated Just For You

15 Sep 2016

Best of British Concert, Brixworth, 16 Sep 

The Brixworth Music Festival was created in 2014 by a small group of enthusiastic Northamptonshire musicians who wanted to bring together a variety of musical talent to perform a series of concerts in the heart of the historic village of Brixworth. And here we have exactly what you’d expect…from Elgar to Adele there’s a range of the best well known British greats!

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Win a £1000 Weekend At Thornbury Castle!

13 Sep 2016

Fancy staying in the castle where Henry VIII and Ann Bolyn honeymooned? Thornbury Castle is a stonking 500 year old Tudor beauty on the edge of the Cotswolds, reviewed on Muddy a few months back (here, remind yourself!).

Anyway, I’ll be damned, and off her with her head …. er whoops, what I mean is, flippin heck, Luxury Family Hotels have only gone and offered Muddy readers the chance to win a luxe two night stay here worth £1000, including breakfast and a three course dinner for two adults!

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Could you help young people in the community?

13 Sep 2016

Helping young people achieve their dreams is something close to the Muddy heart. For what are we if we can’t help generations behind us, achieve their potential? As such, a local volunteer is urging others to “do a good turn” for young people by supporting a new Northamptonshire project.

The charity Youth at Risk is launching a programme in our lovely Shire, to help guide up to 30 young people to a brighter future.

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Muddy Hand Ties – Creative Fleur

11 Sep 2016

I love flowers, but I have to be completely honest, they’re often bought in a rush alongside the spring onions and facial wipes. I’ve still got this idea that going into a florist for flowers ‘just for me’, is quite indulgent (and expensive), and if I did go the cheaper option and get loose flowers, how the heck do I get them into some semblance of prettiness. Cue, Creative Fleur in Wellingborough, which is running workshops on just that, and even took some time out of their busy schedule to give Mini Muddy her very own masterclass!

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The Oasis Film Trailer – One Of My Fave Bands Ever!

11 Sep 2016

Remember the Nineties? Go on, send your mind wayyy back and pop on your parka to the time when Oasis were heralded as the new Beatles, Britpop was rampant, and Union Jacks were flying around with a refreshing and rare lack of national irony.

On October 2 a documentary film, Supersonic, about the rise and fall of Oasis, hits the cinemas, delivered by the same guys who brought the brilliant Senna and Amy documentaries to the world.

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Hottie Watch – The Muddy Top 5 Men

8 Sep 2016

Shwiiiiiing, the Muddy Top 5 Men list, straight from Hero over in Bucks/Oxon. I have to say I agree, although my celeb sex pass was (and still is, ahem, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Mr Muddy Northants is still well and truly set on Kate Winslet)!

How can women maintain the upper hand on men being sexist and propping up that glass ceiling and focusing Olympic coverage on lycra-covered female bums when bloggers like me consistently lower the tone?

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It’s Thursday, grab your brolly and fly

7 Sep 2016

Live Music, Costa Coffee Wellingborough, NN8 1AA, 10 Sep  

It’s not normal Muddy fare (a stonking big chain), but I am partial to a Costa flat white and it is in falling distance of Muddy HQ when I need a quick pep me up. The Wellingborough branch of Costa Coffee is hosting a free Blues night featuring songs from Eric Clapton, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Etta James, Gary Moore, and Joe Bonamassa.

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Northants Edition