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Zone Face Lift – can you really take off 10 years in 12 weeks?

23 Jan 2017

Now I don’t know if the above promise is true, because I only had one session, but I’ve seen lots of good results from the Zone Face Lift, and if injections and fillers aren’t your bag, a course of these could be worth a go! I’m no stranger to Steve Hunt and his reflexology room in his house in Northampton, as I reviewed his facial reflexology last year (and slept like a baby that night). 

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Muddy tries permanent eyebrows (tattoos, gulp)

19 Jan 2017

I often get invitations to try out new treatments, but when Elizabeth Hopkins from Beauty Classics mailed me and offered me some eyebrow tattooing, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic (nothing against Liz). I’ve never injected or filled my face (I don’t judge people who do, it’s just a choice right now, which could change with bells on in a few years), and the thought of having something permanent on my mug filled me with fear.

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5 Reasons to Visit The Men’s Room – Market Harborough 

5 Jan 2017

No, it’s not some public loo over the Leicestershire border, it’s a very cool barbers; modern, with a classic twist and a specialism in hot towels (great at this time of year I imagine). Now we have quite a few male readers on Muddy Stilettos Northants, and I don’t think it’s really authentic for me to go and sit in the barber’s chair for a review, so on this occasion, help was on hand in the form of one of our Muddy team, Lauren Lawless and her very own Mr Muddy!

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Why December is a great time for facials!

30 Nov 2016

Blossom Beauty was winner of the Muddy Stilettos Award for Best Complementary Therapy, so who better to ask why this time of year is good to get a facial (quite frankly, I think all year round is a good time to get a facial; one of my fave treatments ever)! 

Ellen Zok who runs Blossom Beauty has glowing skin, always reassuring when you go for a facial. Her salon in Great Doddington is where she tends to lots of us Northants folk who need a facial revive, especially as our skin becomes wind chapped and dull from central heating (and also before the onslaught of December partying)!

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Hot hair colours for the season – Muddy visits Seckingtons

2 Nov 2016

Every year without fail, the calendar comes around to October/November and I start getting itchy hair (like itchy feet, but hair, that demands a change to suit the leaves outside ; ) It invariably involves some red hues, which give that warmer feel to one’s complexion that can sometimes resemble corned beef in the lowering temperatures! This year I turned to Seckingtons on the Wellingborough Road, who a couple of weeks after I visited won the SME Northamptonshire Business Awards (obviously they’d heard about the Muddy visit)!

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