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It’s a vintage What’s on until 16 March

7 Mar 2017

I’m a vintage chick, I admit it. Give me those 50’s lipsticks, and a retro seat on which to park my Muddy posterior, charge me a vintage champagne in antique crystal glasses and you’ll have friend for life.  There’s lots going on in the county this week, but theres also a definite nod to the good old glamourous days.

Big Chef, Little Chef at Stanwick Lakes, 10.30am- 12pm, Friday, 10 March

Stanwick Lakes – fresh air, brilliant scenery and home to numerous species of wildlife.  

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Muddy tries permanent eyebrows (tattoos, gulp)

19 Jan 2017

I often get invitations to try out new treatments, but when Elizabeth Hopkins from Beauty Classics mailed me and offered me some eyebrow tattooing, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic (nothing against Liz). I’ve never injected or filled my face (I don’t judge people who do, it’s just a choice right now, which could change with bells on in a few years), and the thought of having something permanent on my mug filled me with fear.

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5 Reasons to Visit The Men’s Room – Market Harborough 

5 Jan 2017

No, it’s not some public loo over the Leicestershire border, it’s a very cool barbers; modern, with a classic twist and a specialism in hot towels (great at this time of year I imagine). Now we have quite a few male readers on Muddy Stilettos Northants, and I don’t think it’s really authentic for me to go and sit in the barber’s chair for a review, so on this occasion, help was on hand in the form of one of our Muddy team, Lauren Lawless and her very own Mr Muddy!

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What’s on : Muddy guide up to 11 January

3 Jan 2017

Wakey Wakey!! It’s 2017 and we’re already picking up the pace here in Muddy Northants. This week there are some great events in the offing and lots of brilliant places to visit in our county.  It’s a big year for Muddy Stilettos too as we’ll be one year old in February and we’ve just been nominated for Best UK Blog – Arts and Culture.  Yep – we know what we’re on about – see what’s on this week…

ABBA Tribute Night, Westone Manor, 9.30pm, 7 January

Put on your dancing shoes and join the fun with the brilliant tribute ensemble, ABBA Angels.

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Muddy has a Mooch for the perfect Xmas gifts!

6 Dec 2016

I love it when we find a great local retailer with pricing that makes our eyes open in pleasant surprise, as opposed to water in disbelief! And I love it even more when they find Muddy, which is what happened with Mooch, a new Northants based, online store selling glorious gifts and greetings cards at VERY reasonable prices.
Rachel Roberts, owner of Mooch (who also has a very busy ‘proper’ job), recently launched Mooch because she simply loves shopping (*doffs cap to Rachel who can now spend under the guise of  it being work and wonders why we hadn’t thought of that ; )

One of Rachel’s biggest passions is shiny things, so jewellery plays a big part in the range. 

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Hot hair colours for the season – Muddy visits Seckingtons

2 Nov 2016

Every year without fail, the calendar comes around to October/November and I start getting itchy hair (like itchy feet, but hair, that demands a change to suit the leaves outside ; ) It invariably involves some red hues, which give that warmer feel to one’s complexion that can sometimes resemble corned beef in the lowering temperatures! This year I turned to Seckingtons on the Wellingborough Road, who a couple of weeks after I visited won the SME Northamptonshire Business Awards (obviously they’d heard about the Muddy visit)!

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Top Winter looks – Northants fashion stylist

31 Oct 2016

Winter fashion rules…no bare legs after Halloween, only long sleeve tops allowed, no white after Labor Day (Sep 4 to you, since we’re not in America). But rules are there to be broken and sometimes all you need to make a change to your wardrobe is the recommendations of a stylist who feels confident that she’ll make you feel confident. Heidi’s Boutique in Wellingborough is great in itself as an indie fashion outlet that isn’t samey, samey; but the real appeal comes with Heidi herself, and how she has an eye for what will suit her customer while also making them feel soooooo special.

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15% off Winser London for Muddy readers

20 Oct 2016

It feels like forever since I’ve been excited about a fashion brand, so it feels good to have a little sashay down Designer Avenue with Winser London. Even though it’s only been around since 2013, primarily as an online-based brand, Winser London made a big splash nationally, and there are now pop up shops in Muddy territory in Marlow and Gerrard’s Cross (and bizarrely, LA) , plus concessions in John Lewis and Harvey Nics.

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Does countryside chic pass the Muddy fashion test?

29 Sep 2016

For a gal who edits a blog that touts itself as the ‘Urban Guide to the Countryside’ it’s ironic that I usually walk a mile when it comes to sporting a Yumster Mummster, jump in your Range Rover type garb; but it seems I’m the one missing out for judging a book by its Barbour cover. Once I was let loose in the Abraxas Country Clothing shop in Muddy fave, The Heart of the Shires (HotS), I was channeling Alexa mixed with a bit of Mod before you could say Hunter Welly! 

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