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5 smart ways to improve your child’s self-esteem

26 Sep 2016

If you’re a regular Muddy reader you’ll know that I love to scoot along having fun and looking for the best things in life (happily they’re free – just ask Janet). But even I can’t sugar coat some subjects.

I have two mudlets myself, all school age, so the current reading in the newspapers is pretty depressing. The average onset age for depression was 45 in the 1960s; today it’s 14.

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The cynical Muddy tries hypnotherapy…

20 Jun 2016

Hypnotherapy, hmmmmmm. I’m hardly what you’d call a cynic in most areas of life, but when you’ve had a humiliating experience in front of the whole of the student union at Uni (I had to pretend to be hypnotised because it was too embarrassing to own up when everyone else seemed to be in a zombie like trance), you learn to be a little mistrustful of some things. Since then, I’ve never really been a believer in hypnotism and its power, but hypnotherapy is a more holistic branch of the same tree (the clue’s in the word ‘therapy’!) and I know various people who have used it to quit fags, stop eating chocolate – seriously!- and also help with anxiety issues.

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Muddy tries: Facial reflexology

22 Mar 2016

Sometimes on Muddy, the quirky little businesses out there find me, rather than me foraging afar and finding them. And when one comes knocking offering to rub rose scented oil into my face, who am I to say no; even if it is a guy, a stranger I’ve never met (but hey, that’s what I’m here for, to try out the unknown, be the intrepid reporter to come back with a yay or nay for my loyal readers).

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