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The alternative guide to Valentines

28 Jan 2017

February 14th, eh? If St Valentines is more of a botheration and you’d rather spend time with someone you love – yourself, then let Muddy inspire you to do something different during a soggy February day.  However if you’re planning gifts, adventures, experiences – all in the name of love then we’ve got it covered.

A cheesy love story – Seductive savoury selections

Who doesn’t love a cheesy happy ending?  

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On-trend Xmas decoration tips from Texture Interiors

5 Dec 2016

Do you love decorating your home for Christmas? Bringing the boxes down from the attic that were carefully and lovingly packed away the year before (or thrown in hastily, ahem, guilty as charged)! It’s always exciting to see the decs again, your favourite bauble, all those happy memories (like the year you set fire to the teatowel because you’d imbibed too much breakfast Champers, er just me..?). It’s all well and good keeping the decs year after year, but it can get a bit tired, decorating your house the same way every year…which is where Pamela Gearing who owns Texture Interiors steps in.

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Who lives in a house like this?

17 Oct 2016

Right, it’s nearly November so it’s kind of ok to mention Christmas is it not? We’re pretty lucky in this county for Xmas markets, but Pipewell Hall is a little bit different. It’s indoors for one, and not in a dusty church hall. Nope. No dark and unused corners here, it’s in the owners’ home with roaring fires and mulling wine (I can almost smell the orange and cinnamon from here).I met Trudie Baker along with her hubby Shawn (and their talented trainee chef daughter), running their Bakers Bangers stall at the Althorp Food & Drink festival in September.

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Father’s Day gifts for your Dad’s army

11 Jun 2016

Muddy men, though you’re often teased and prodded on Muddy Stilettos (because I know you like it that way), let it not be said that I never take you into consideration.

It is of course Father’s Day Sunday 19 June so here’s a Muddy Guide for those gift buyers who want to avoid my usual stance – a wild-eyed panic 12 hours before the big moment with nothing to show for your 10 years of taxi-ing and toy mending.

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