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16 best riverside cottages (including our very own Grand Union Canal)

23 Feb 2017

So we’ve told you the best seaside cottages, but beach holidays in Britain always come with that anxious niggle at the back of your head – will it tank down for the whole week? Well, how about an inland lake or river holiday as an alternative? The Muddy editors who happen go to be landlocked (me obvs) have scoured their counties for some stonking rental properties with their own little piece of liquid heaven to tempt you throughout spring and summer.

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14 beautiful beach cottages to rent this summer (or before if you can’t wait)

23 Feb 2017

One of the big benefits of Muddy tottering its way into so many counties (er, 17 since you asked!) is that we have a raft of on-the-ground experts, squirrelling out the coolest, most useful stuff for the rest of us to plunder. Case in point – beach cottages. Thought about renting one this summer? Yeah me too. So allow me to lay before you a sandy smorgasbord from the Muddy regional editors – 14 beautiful beach properties for the bucket and spade brigade.

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Muddy does a Bridget ‘mini-break’ – Forest of Arden Hotel

15 Feb 2017

Sometimes, the stress of a holiday or the 10 hours stuck in traffic on the way to Cornwall, really do negate any benefits of a trip away; that’s why I’m the new champion of a cheeky break on your own doorstep (or near as damn it)! And according to Marriott’s Great British Break Report, two fifths of Brits chose to take a break in their own county in 2016 and that number is set to rise, with three in ten of all those questioned admitting they are more likely to holiday in their own backyard now than they were in the past.

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Muddy picks best cottage stays!

1 Jan 2017

There’s nothing like a bit of a holiday flirt to cheer you up on a cold, wintery day. If the thought of airport queues, hordes of people and traffic jams on the M5 (anyone else had an overnighter on the motorway, with no loo!) is making you want to unpack your suitcase – take a deep breath, grab a cuppa and read on. Muddy Cambs has pulled together some tip top holiday cottages that all come with waterside locations – better still they’re in the big sky countryside of Cambridgeshire (a mere hop skip and a jump from Northants – come to think of it, Mr Muddy commutes to Peterborough every day). 

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Stay here: Thornbury Castle, Gloucestershire

10 Aug 2016

Hero, our Muddy editor over in Bucks/Oxon, went to stay at Thornbury Castle and she reckons us Northants peeps will want to hear about it, so here you go you gorgeous lot!

Fancy something a bit different on the blogaroo today? No problem, may I offer you a stay in the Cotswolds castle where Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn spent 10 days of their honeymoon? Yes, seriously!

This gorgeous piece of stoneware is Thornbury Castle, a Tudor beauty built between 1512 – 1521 whose history includes the beheading of its owner Edward Stafford, the Duke of Buckingham on charges of treason.

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The Muddy must-have summer festival buys

2 Aug 2016

Designed by: Charlotte Harkness


Okay so everybody needs things like water, money for the bar and your ticket. Oh, and maybe wet wipes. But here are the other 15 things that could be on every festival goer’s packing list.

1. Coastal Wool Picnic Rug, John Lewis, £55

2. Aviators, Ray-Bans, Sunglasses Hut, £143

3. The Paradiso Beach Towel, You Me and the Dream, £75


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The Muddy Summer Festival Guide

6 Jul 2016

I’m a dedicated Glastonbury lover from the *ahem*  comfort of my sofa – I had an awesome front row of Chris Martin for starters, and let me tell you, the toilet facilities are way better. But whether you’re a namby-pamby glamper like me or a hardcore roll-in-mud and wet-wipes-at-dawn music-fan, here’s the Muddy Guide to the best festivals due to amp-it-up over the next few months. Make some noise! Give it up!

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Muddy stops rushing at Rushton Hall

23 Jun 2016

I had mixed reactions when I said I was staying at Rushton Hall. Exclamations ranging from ‘ooooooh, it’s dead posh out there, it’ll be lovely’ to ‘really? Isn’t it a bit corporate for a night with him indoors?’. Well, as with most things in life, I find the experience is what you make it, and if you have to try and make it somewhere, there aren’t many backdrops I’d pick over Rushton Hall.

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Top 10 things to do in Dorset

26 May 2016

We’re starting to do more travel on Muddy, figuring that though you love Northants, you like to escape sometimes too (quick, dig the tunnels). Hero, over in Ox/Bucks, travelled down to Dorset recently, so I nabbed her review, just in case you’re off there on holly bobs, or are thinking of somewhere to lay your hat for a break away.

It’s that time of year where our minds turn to holidays (and our fingers turn to Google).

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