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Muddy travels: Kalkan – Turkey

3 Mar 2017

I love our county, I really do. It’s home to some fantastically talented people and some amazing artisans who I’m proud to call my friends, and it is a great place to return to when bones are truly warmed and horizons have been broadened. As some Rock N Roll wit once wrote ‘I never saw my hometown until I went around the world’. So this is a convoluted way of me saying I LOVE HOLIDAYS!

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Rachel Johnston – My favourite places & things to do in Northants

13 Feb 2017


I had a slight addiction to those house-hunting TV programmes in the ’90s, so can you imagine doing it as a real job?! Well Rachel does, lucky lady, because she’s a home-finder at Stacks Property Search. She goes out and about for clients in Northants and Bucks, so she’s been around our fair Shire quiiiiiite a lot! Here are her favourite places and things to do in and around Northamptonshire…

Remarkably Northamptonshire it is still a little known county for those outside its environs: with the beauty of Warwickshire, the character of Oxfordshire, the convenience of Buckinghamshire – and the price of Northamptonshire – I think it’s a county more people should get to know!

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Finca you for the memories – Muddy visits Lanzarote

20 Jan 2017

Who wants to go on an Eco Retreat, meet some brilliant people and relax with your family – or if you’re really lucky ‘sans’ kids? Me. We’ve been to Lanzarote a few times, which is unusual because I like to try new things and broaden my horizons; but sometimes it’s good to hit the ground running. Is it the winter sun that draws me back?  Well ‘yes” but Lanzarote Retreats (loads of varied accommodation), and Finca De Arrieta (Eco Retreat) in particular tick so many more boxes too (right near the beach, total self-catering flexibility, glamping or cottages, good restaurants nearby…).

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Fave Places – The Wonder Kitchen’s Sammie Goddard

5 Sep 2016

Sammie Goddard runs The Wonder Kitchen, a lipsmacking cupcake business that services Oxfordshire, Northants and beyond and has a huge local following. Her pink customized 18ft van Lily is a regular at food festivals, parties, school proms and weddings and has racking for a mind-blowing 500 cupcakes (yeah, just mull that around!). Here are some of Sammie’s favourite places, a couple of which are in our lovely Shire.

Bletchley Park

I started my cupcake business five years ago, after years in the city doing recruitment, but I do have another job too – as a singer with the 1940’s trio The Sasparillas.

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My favourite places – Author Joanne Harris

21 Mar 2016

Joanne Harris is the acclaimed author of Chocolat made into an Oscar-nominated film starring Juliette Binoche (was it just me, or was Johnny Depp a bit weird in that film?). Since then, she has written 15 more novels, two collections of short stories, three cookbooks and her books are now published in over 50 countries (phew). She’s appearing at the Oxford Literary Festival in three separate events from Friday 8 – Sunday 10 April 2016, so pop in and see her if you’re there.

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Northamptonshire Edition