Films of 2017 your teens won’t want to miss

What do I know about films our teens will wanna watch? I once remember dropping Mr and Mini Muddy off at screen 2 for Shawn The Sheep, while I hot-footed it over to the screen next door for 50 Shades (don’t judge, you would have done the same if you could ; ) Anyhoo, in absence of teenage brain, I asked film aficionado and Northants student, Liam Waterhouse to pick out his mega movies for 2017 (I notice he hasn’t put in the new 50 Shades film, so I’ll report separately on that (ahem) AND Beauty and the Beast which I’m mucho excited about…anyway, enough from me and my fluffiness (but doesn’t Emma Watson look pretty as Belle, ahhhh)!

It’s the New Year and that means another year of films to tremble in excitement for. So…2016 was meant to be THE year for cinema with Marvel and DC both releasing huge pictures, not to mention the heavily anticipated releases of Fantastic Beasts and Rogue One. However, I doubt that I’ll be the first to tell you that 2016 didn’t completely live up to the hype that surrounded it, partly due to the lack of substance in too many of the years predicted high points. But, listen up…2017 is THE year. Yes we’ve said it before, but this year has countless number of films that you’ll be queueing for at midnight release to see. I’m Liam Waterhouse, curating for Muddy Stilettos, and these are my Top 10 Films to look for in 2017.

10: Split

M Night Shyamalan’s Split see him return to his story telling best. In the film, he directs James McAvoy playing a man with multiple personalities who kidnaps and terrorizes three young girls. The film has received high praise due to the intense thrills and Hitchcock like conventions and after watching the film myself, McAvoy is compelling in his portrayal of a VERY conflicted man and it really is not one to be missed.

Release: January 20

9: Despicable Me 3

Over the past half a decade, the Despicable Me franchise has become one of the most recognisable in the animation genre. And guess what, it’s back for another wild adventure. The film introduces Gru’s long lost twin brother Dru, and they engage in a heated sibling rivalry, but Dru isn’t Gru’s only threat. Hilarious, mischievous with more minions than you’ll know what to do with. Fun for all the family and one to look for this summer!

Release: June 30

8: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is the first in several superhero movies on this list because just like 2016, superhero films are in and due to the release of DC’s Batman Vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, a whole new universe is waiting to be portrayed on the silver screen. Wonder Woman is the first to get a solo film which is rumoured to be the first in a three-piece trilogy. This is long overdue for most DC fans who have been dying to see the Amazonian get her shot at her own big screen franchise. You will not want to miss this epic first instalment as I’m sure it will take a large chunk from the box office!

Release: June 2

7: Friday the 13th:Part 13

If you have never heard of the Friday the 13th franchise, then you must have been living under a rock for the last 15 years because the franchise is considered one of the most iconic in the horror genre. Although near towards the end of the series original run, the films steered towards the more ridiculous and overdone end of the spectrum, I expect this reboot to revive the mythology of Jason Voorhees. Little is known of the plot yet but I have a slight feeling that it will involve a man in a hockey mask slashing away at some teenagers. This is a must see for lovers of the horror genre.

Release: October 13

6: Dunkirk

Based on “Operation Dynamo”, Christopher Nolan retells the struggle of the allied troops in early WW2. Allied troops are surrounded by the German Army on the beaches of Dunkirk and are evacuated to safety. The picture will feature Tom Hardy, who in my opinion has been one of the best actors in the past few years due to his incredible diversity and ability to portray such different characters. From Kray twin, to Gotham super villain, Tom Hardy is the total package. In addition to Hardy, former One Direction star Harry Styles debuts in his first movie which could see a positive impact on its box office performance. I personally cannot wait to see this film and I expect it to be a huge success.

Release: July 21

5: Spiderman: Homecoming

Yes, I know, another Spiderman reboot but hear me out. This one has potential. This is not the first time we have seen this iteration of Spiderman as he was a supporting character in Captain America: Civil War so Marvel has an idea of how fans responded to this Spiderman. Secondly, Spiderman is now allowed to appear in the Marvel Universe which is why we see an appearance from Tony Starke in this movie. This means for the first time, Spiderman is part of a bigger plot which will come together in the future Avengers film. Homecoming will see Peter Parker come to terms with his alter ego and fight crime on the streets of New York under the guidance of Tony Starke. If you are a fan of anything Avengers I highly recommend watching this movie. I know I will be!

Release: July 7

4: Justice League

The Justice League was hinted towards at the end of Suicide Squad when Amanda Waller revealed a file labelled “Meta Humans” to Bruce Wayne. This file includes information on Barry Allen and Arthur Curry (The Flash and Aqua man). From this we can assume that this contains information on the remaining members of the Justice league that he will go on to form. Whereas Suicide Squad focused on the “bad guys” (as the characters mentioned time and time again), The justice league will focus on the heroes who hopefully will face the Suicide Squad in the future. This film sees them take on the threat of Steppenwolf. Despite the lacklustre film that suicide squad was, I hope this film will be without plot holes and deliver the awesome film that DC fans are yearning for.

Release: November 17

3: The Fate of the Furious

The Fast and Furious franchise adds another title this year but although it is the 8th film in the series’ lineage, the plot appears to be fresh and exciting. Dom is turned against his family by a criminal mastermind which sees the family face trials they never thought that they would have to face. Of course, the film will boast an awesome display of fast cars and intense actions scenes that make the series what it is today. The star-studded cast of Diesel, Johnson and Statham return for this instalment. Although I question how many times one can truly get fast and furious, the film is a must see in 2017!

Release: April 17

2: Thor: Ragnarök

We haven’t seen Thor since Age of Ultron as he doesn’t feature in Civil War so we are so excited to reunite with the God of Thunder this coming year. However, our return to Asgard won’t be all that pleasant because in Nordic Mythology, Ragnarök is a series of events that results in the death of major Gods (including Thor, Odin and Loki) – but do not worry Thor fans, he is confirmed to be in next year’s Infinity War so he must survive Ragnarök in some form. The Hulk is also confirmed to be in this film but will the two maintain their alliance?

Release: November 3rd

1: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

For the past two years, Star Wars have been highly anticipated releases and in my opinion, both The Force Awakens and Rogue One have been incredible films. This is also reinforced by both films sitting top of the Box office takings for the past two years. The Last Jedi follows on from the events of episode VII where Rey finds Luke Skywalker after awakening the force within herself. As per usual with Star Wars, very little has been given away regarding the plot but I expect us to see a whole lot more of Luke Skywalker and some development with Kylo Ren and his relationship with Snoke and General Hux. If you only see one film in the cinema this year, you better make sure that it is the Last Jedi because it will certainly not disappoint.

Release: December 15th




Written by Liam Waterhouse


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