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Mobile Microdermabrasion with Beauty Calling

Have all your facial needs tended to without leaving the house! This therapist is on a Northants skin improving mission!

Jackie at Beauty Calling has been my go to beautician for the last decade (and counting). She’s mobile, which has always been a plus for all of her clients (many of whom are busy working Mums) and now she’s become a facial specialist on a mission to help  improve age spots and acne scars across East Northants! I’ve had my fair share of facials, microdermabrasion etc., but invariably I have had to go to a salon for this (factoring travel time etc.)…until now! Before the home option, I struggled to get the recommended number of treatments of a course in; only managing one every six months rather than a course of four as recommended!

The mobile aspect of Beauty Calling is a huge draw for me, but let’s have a quick gander at microdermabrasion so you know if it’s for you…

Microdermabrasion has been around a while and is used to target specific skin problems like acne scarring, pigmentation, dull skin but also the general effects of aging. The practitioner (Jacqui in this instant : ) uses a handheld device to direct a fine stream of tiny crystals across the skin to loosen any dead cells and vacuum them away whilst stimulating blood flow which encourages collagen and elastin formation. So far so good.

It shouldn’t be painful, but you can feel the roughness exfoliating that top layer off. To be honest, I quite liked it. I suffer from cystic acne and sometimes super oily skin, so I felt like I was getting a proper sand blasting and cleansing. The first couple of sessions I felt no discomfort at all, and it was probably the 4th and last one where I felt a bit more sensitive, but that’s because my skin was down to it’s peachy softness. As you can see from above, there was definitely some redness, but this went really quickly, probably due in part to the GORGEOUS products she uses.

There’s loads more about Eve Taylor here (paraben free, beautiful aromatherapy smells, used by industry professionals etc.) and Jacqui has used the brand for over 10 years so really believes in it. The bumf says the Eve Taylor facial combines the use of professional active products specialised to treat all skin conditions giving results for all skin types at an affordable price. I love them! And for the last two months, have used the lot for my daily facial regime.

This was my last haul, and I thoroughly recommend it. The aromatherapy smells even help you sleep at night. I also bought the Teen Mudlet some, and she’s just put an order in for some more. Anyway, I digress. The Dermaplaning treatment has both a classic and deluxe option and on the third session I had the deluxe option with the soothing mask. OMG. It was so cooling and perfect timing really as my skin was a bit softer and more sensitive.

Yup, this is my face mask, somewhat ghoulish but your face will feel amazing afterwards, especially after the oils (this might alarm some of you with greasy skin, but the oils often quench your skin and stop it from producing too much oil – Jacqui will talk you through all of this)!

The upshot was my skin was glowing after each treatment. It was much smoother and there was a definite reduction in fine lines, or they’d been plumped out at the very least. Three people on different occasions commented on my skin and despite a few weeks of events avec alcohol, my skin seemed to bounce back better than normal. The only down side for me was the acne. It didn’t get rid of my occasional break out, but, this could have been because of a change in hormones and treatment from the doctor. Jacqui was on hand to advise anyway, and she followed up with advice on vitamins etc to help. This is a full facial service and gets a big Muddy thumbs up recommendation. If you give it a go, let us know because sharing is caring and all of your beauty news gives us great feedback for readers!


In for a penny, in for a pound, I gave this a go too! It’s another form of exfoliating the skin but uses a a medical blade to gently scrape away the cells along with the vellus hair, revealing a brighter, smooth skin (gulp, sounds a bit like a shave, but fear not, your hair won’t grow back thicker). After a skin consultation Jacqui offers a plan of action for your skin recommending treatments and products suitable for you, along with some samples to take home and try. I LOVED this treatment. I’ve had it before with Wellingborough’s go-to-salon LG Beauty Suite, and both Jacqui and Chantelle did amazing jobs with very similar results. This treatment leaves the skin super smooth, and make-up goes on like a dream! The HUGE bonus though is the fine hair that can look like a huge beard in the ‘right’ sunlight is gone! Vamoosh! So it’s quite popular with the teens at the moment.

Jacqui is offering microdermabrasion at £30 for an express session (bearing in mind in the UK, microdermabrasion costs around £40-80 for a single session – that’s a bloomin’ bargain) and £40 for deluxe. Dermaplaning is £35 an express session and £45 for deluxe – £10 off first dermaplaning treatment – 079633 43929  Contact Beauty Calling

Microdermabrasion – Things to know

It works on most skin types and shouldn’t cause any skin colour changes or scarring – but have a consultation first.

The procedure usually takes around 30 minutes. A course of four to six sessions may be recommended, with both a session every 3-4 weeks.

It shouldn’t be painful.

The side effects of microdermabrasion, such as redness and swelling, tend to be short-lived.

Your skin may be dry and flaky for a few days after the procedure, and the suction may temporarily bruise your skin.

Your face will be more sensitive to the sun afterwards, so you should avoid sun exposure for a few days and use sunscreen.



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