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Muddy tries: Facial reflexology


Sometimes on Muddy, the quirky little businesses out there find me, rather than me foraging afar and finding them. And when one comes knocking offering to rub rose scented oil into my face, who am I to say no; even if it is a guy, a stranger I’ve never met (but hey, that’s what I’m here for, to try out the unknown, be the intrepid reporter to come back with a yay or nay for my loyal readers). Well the fact I’m writing this, means that it was a thumbs up (and also I made it back in one piece from the actually, not so strange, Steve Hunt’s therapy room). Not only was it a thumbs up, it ticked the Holy Grail of issues for me, better sleep! Intrigued? Read on…


If this picture makes you squirm, then facial reflexology is probably for you

So what the bejesus is Facial reflexology? Well, it kind of uses the same principles as ‘foot’ reflexology – only it’s areas of your face connected to different areas of your body. Stimulating them then helps your body re-balance, eliminate toxins and get you completely relaxed. It’s also good for, so  Steve tells me, reducing the symptoms of nasties like IBS, stress, sleep disorders and hormone imbalances. Now I wouldn’t call myself a cynic exactly, but the one time I did have foot reflexology, the practitioner didn’t really ask me anything or tell me anything, so I wasn’t really expecting a great deal from this treatment to be honest (buuuuut I don’t mind being proved wrong)!


Steve’s treatment room is in his home in Northampton (he has a parking permit too, so no extra costs for a visit). Some women might feel a little threatened by entering the home of a guy they don’t know, but since Steve had just tweeted all of his followers that I was on my way over, I was a tad reassured. Like I said, I wasn’t expecting overly much, but at the very least, I thought I’d get a bit of chat and a pleasant facial rub. And chat we did. Steve is extremely personable, and put me at ease pretty much immediately (he used to work with addicts – is great with people – and only finished his reflexology training last year, not that you could tell). He talked me through what was going to happen, pre-warning me that there’d be some slight arm massage, and made sure I was fine with everything before we started (you keep all of your clothes on throughout the treatment, and even get covered up in a toasty blanket).


Steve and his healing hands


When Steve started to touch my face, what surprised me most, was how gentle he was. I’ve had dozens of facials over the years, but thinking back, none were by a guy, and none were as light touch as this. I had no major health issues, so Steve said we’d do a general reflexology that would leave me feeling relaxed and calm, and I have to say, it was one of the most pleasant 45 minutes I’ve had in a while (oi, oi ). I didn’t drift off, like many people do, but my face lightly buzzed and hummed, and I fell into a kind of meditative state which was bloomin’ lovely!


See the similarities to above? Uncanny!

One advantage to faces over feet is that facial massage helps with all those pesky fine lines and *shudder* saggy bits that might, just might, be creeping up on even the perkiest of us as the years slip by. But what really got me about this, was the overall feeling of well-being. Let’s face it, other than facials, whenever would you have this level of physical contact? We’re not really tactile as a nation, and this really highlighted to me how important touch actually is. I chatted to Steve later about how it would be a great therapy for older people, who are maybe on their own and have very little physical contact, if any at all; and he said it’s true, and that his Mum loves the treatment (I do feel quite strongly that touch is underrated in our society, something to ear in mind when thinking about buying a gift for our older friends and rellies who are maybe on their own now).


Steve follows the Bergmann method (Ziggie Bergmann being one of the foremost practitioners and teachers in the field) and at £35 for a session, you know you’re getting it waaaaaaaay cheaper than your London neighbours! Many of his clients come regularly, and say they really feel the benefit of repeated sessions. I don’t know if one session is enough to tackle an issue like IBS or headaches, but I definitely think it could help alleviate anxiety and help stress levels (like meditation, it gives you time and space from the fast world).


Like a baby’s bottom (or at least smoother than what it was)

I know loads of people who can’t bear having their feet touched so facial reflexology would definitely be a way for them to access the treatment without freaking out. I don’t mind having my feet massaged, so I might even try classic reflexology with Steve too (hmmmm, wonder if he’s got a mate who could do my face at the same time?). Either way, I’d recommend giving this guy a visit because that evening, I kid you not, I got 100% on my sleep app; and that for me, is recommendation enough!


Both foot and facial reflexology treatments are £35 per session, book a course of six treatments and get 10% discount – £175. Prices for home visits depend on distance and travelling time, give Steve a ring to discuss.

Quote Muddy Stilettos when you book, and get £10 off your first treatment! Tel: 07532 012112

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