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Muddy tries Lipofirm Pro (post pregnancy)

Have you ever wished that unwanted fat would just magically disappear? Check out our Muddy staffer's experience of 'Lipo firm pro', Lou Bentley

Have you ever wished that unwanted fat would just magically disappear? One year on post pregnancy and Muddy staffer Carla says she still has the muffin top to show for it, so when we were tipped off about Lou Bentley’s fat reducing machine she gallantly volunteered to see what magic it could work!

We don’t mind being guinea pigs, here at Muddy Towers, especially if it might help with problem areas! I didn’t really know what to expect before I arrived for Lipofirm Pro, I’d been told it was like non-surgical surgery. I’ve never considered surgery before, I’m not unhappy enough with my weight that I’d consider going under the knife, in fact the thought of invasive surgery such as liposuction would probably make me want to go out for a run instead just to avoid it! Apart from that, it probably isn’t for me anyway because the recovery time after the operation just isn’t feasible when you have 2 kids to run around after. Lou Bentley offers a real alternative to surgery though as you can just walk in and walk out after the procedure with no ‘down time’.

After a short wait in the lovely reception area with velvet tub chairs, Rebecca came to greet me personally and took me through into the treatment room…Lou is Rebecca’s middle name and what she uses for the name of the business, it did confuse me a little to start with but that’s easily done! There is a medical questionnaire to fill out just to ensure it’s safe to use the electrical pulses, but nothing too serious and Rebecca talks it through with you and answers any questions as you go. I chose to have my tummy treated but you can have any area of your body done, even your face to combat the signs of ageing.

So…What exactly is Lipofirm Pro?
Here comes the science bit – Lipofirm Pro technology simultaneously uses Radio Frequency and Dynamic Muscle Activation (say whaaaa?). The combination of heating with muscle contraction means that the fat is removed and then drains away through the lymphatic system and the collagen in the skin is also tightened, so no unsightly loose skin either.

The machine sends electrical pulses through to the area you want treating, Rebecca starts on a low setting and works up, your body needs to be above 40 degrees for the treatment to be effective. This sounds hot but actually I found it to be quite a cozy temperature, and before the electrical pulses were increased I found the sensation quite relaxing because of the heat. As the intensity of the pulses were increased it was less relaxing because you can feel the muscle contractions more intensely, it’s quite difficult to describe the sensation, they weren’t painful but you can feel them almost tugging at you. If you’ve ever had laser hair removal it’s a very similar sensation to that. During the treatment Rebecca is such a friendly and chatty person, she explains what she is doing and makes you feel very welcome and relaxed, but in a very professional way. After a few sessions I’m sure we’d be talking away like old friends, which is exactly what you want so you’re not overly concentrating on the electrical pulses!

The verdict
I was measured before and after treatment at 3 very specific points on the body so you know the exact same place and I lost 4.5cm in total which I was really pleased with after just 1 session. I’m told that it’s possible to lose anything from 2 – 6 cm, although the higher end is quite rare. It is recommended to have anything between 4 and 8 sessions as part of a course rather than just a single session and you should drink plenty of water for a day or so after to help the fat to drain away, I did notice my trousers were looser around 2 days after.

For me, other than the fact you can just walk-in and walk-out again with no downtime, it’s the skin tightening part which really makes this suitable for anyone. I really wish I had known about it when I got married. At the time I was borderline underweight so very little fat on me, but my tummy still just felt a bit wobbly, no amount of sit-up’s seemed to firm it up so I was still very conscious about it on my honeymoon. A course of Lipofirm before hand would have sorted that right out and in fact Rebecca has seen a couple of minor celebs in her treatment room for exactly that purpose! Also men wanting to have a more defined six-pack could give it a go as well!

Obviously this treatment shouldn’t be used as an alternative to a healthy lifestyle, if you continue to eat lots of fatty and sugary foods then the results are not going to be maintained. If however you combine with a balanced diet and exercise there’s no reason you can’t continue to feel the benefits over a prolonged period. I decided to use it as a kick start to healthier eating and have actually maintained the loss.

Lou Bentley covers the Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire areas with treatment rooms in Northampton, Wolverton and Buckingham, although the Northampton one is temporarily unavailable she hopes to have it back up and running within a few months and its a short hop down the M1 to Wolverton in the meantime. Single treatments are £100 per session, but it’s best to have at least 4 sessions and if you mention Muddy when you enquire you can get 4 sessions for £320. Give Rebecca a call 07517 337787 or visit her website for more info.

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