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How to start 2018 with a sparkle

Smile for a lifetime - Brixworth Dental tells Muddy the top reasons for teeth whitening and why you should ALWAYS get it at a registered dentist!

I drink black tea and red wine…lots of it, so my teeth do get discoloured over time. I’ve had teeth whitening on a couple of occasions and am a big advocate of it, although I do find some positives and negatives which I’ll let you know about to have a think on whether it’s for you! Teeth whitening, once considered a procedure for the wealthy or an accessory for celebrities has now firmly become a treatment which is quick, accessible and affordable and has the ability to transform anybody’s smile (no really). There’s been a huge increase in the number of peeps looking to brighten up their smile, but it has also opened the door to rogue traders, illegal products and unqualified suppliers. The murky world of illegal tooth whitening is an interesting case and campaigners have been quietly working behind the scenes for years, in an attempt to put a stop to it and protect the general public, who are often unknowingly placing themselves at great risk. Brixworth has a great piece on it here, but the upshot is in the UK, Europe and some other countries, tooth whitening can only legally be carried out by a dentist. This means tooth whitening by beauticians and in whitening kiosks is illegal. Geddit?! So…the legals over here are the main reasons people get it done!

  1. Discolouration – For loads of reasons (food, hygiene etc).
  2. General self confidence/special occasion/job interviews – Wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, you name it! It can really help confidence and enthusiasm.
  3. Effects of aging –  as you age, your tooth enamel may get worn down, making it easier for tooth discolouration or oral health problems to occur.
  4. Effects of Smoking – smoking can damage your teeth, leading to a higher risk of developing oral health problems such as more build-up of plaque and bacteria on your teeth and/or tooth discolouration.
  5. Diet Choices – if you have a diet that involves a lot of coffee, tea, or wine for example, your teeth may have been stained over the years. Teeth whitening can get them dazzling again.

I’d visited Brixworth Laser Skincare for a Mesopeel and Dermapen, and seen they had won lots of awards for their dental work (plus they also have huge TVs on the ceiling for when you get your teeth done – shallow, moi). Getting molds for the trays is quick and easy, and the dentist was super friendly, cracking gags when my mouth was full and I couldn’t answer back!

A week or so later I had the trays and gels and off I went, all wrapped in beautiful Tiffany coloured packaging (because we know that packaging makes all the difference yeah)!
I wore the trays overnight, although you can wear them over a few hours in the day. I suppose it is a bit of an inconvenience using them for a fortnight, but what price sparkly gnashers my friend?! You kind of get used to them in your mouth and mine actually woke me up when I realised I grind my teeth. I over gelled to start, and had some slight burning on my gums, so go easy on the gel, you only need a smidge (they’ll talk you through it though). I started to notice a difference after just 4 or 5 days. That was my original colour and as you can see below, I’d already started going a fair few shades whiter.

You can get sensitive teeth after, and if you are considering it, make sure you read up properly on what to expect, but honestly, I can’t see a reason not to do this to brighten up your smile if you fancy. I’m not for one second saying everyone should have an Essex smile, but if you do think day to day life has dulled them somewhat, then there’s no reason not to give a little helping hand…a bit like hair colouring really. Once you’ve got your trays, you can buy gel intermittently over time, and just have little refresh now and again. Below are my tootsies after two weeks. Red lippie can be tricky if your teeth are a little discoloured, but I think you’ll agree, that smile is not holding back!

Tooth whitening with bespoke gels is around the £240 mark (more details here). But if you have any questions, give Brixworth a call, they really are a super friendly bunch who genuinely have your best interests at heart!

Charter House, Spratton Road, Brixworth Northampton, NN6 9DS, 01604 880293

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