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Carmen Walker – Hair & Makeup

Muddy says: Whatever your look, style, skin colour or vibe, Carmen can sort, even if you don’t know what it is you want!

Located in the heart of Northampton (but flexible on where she can be), Carmen Walker is the home away from home for every client who sits in her chair. But her real selling point..? If you don’t know what you want, worry not, she will. She ascertains your needs by looking at your clothes, your current style and how you interact. She’s totally on the ball (or she was with me)! Carmen started in the hair industry by working in a family business at the age of 10 and eventually working her way up (you can tell she’s very at ease talking to new people, so if you’re a nervous salon visitor, fear not).

She also specialises in makeup and has trained with some industry faves (she’s happy to chat about her experiences, so don’t be shy and have a natter). As with her hair skills, she takes in what kind of makeup look each person will want by what they’re already wearing and how they are. Makeup (including lashes) is around £40, and prices start from around £25 for cut and blow dry and £50 for colour.

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