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Crafty Cooks

Muddy says: Crafty Cooks can help mix up your children’s lunchboxes and introduce them into the world of cooking through fun classes for both adults and kids.

Crafty Cook, Maria, passes on her love of cooking through classes for both children and adults. Through making, baking and tasting, she helps you introduce your kids to a wider range of food without you having to do the washing up! The ‘Not just sandwiches’ class is a great way to inspire you to make your kids’ lunchboxes more exciting with new savoury foods for all ages. The food is easy to make with your kids and healthy and the evening is informal with the opportunity to chat about any food issues; you can even bring a bottle along and treat yourself to a glass of wine. You’ll be left with new recipe ideas and recipe cards to help you when you’re at home.

Classes run through term times and as holiday workshops so there’s always an opportunity to take your little one along, term time classes are for 2-5 year olds and holiday workshops are 2-11 year olds. Classes last for 45 minutes to an hour (depending on the complexity of the recipe) and cost £7.50 per head.

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