• Heads up on hats

    Tis the season of weddings, regattas and races and you know what that means – hats, hats, hats! Follow our 5 tips to help you top off your outfit in style.

  • The joy of jumpsuits

    It’s been about five years since jumpsuits boinged back onto fashion’s radar, after decades in the wilderness. So what exactly is it about jumpsuits that quickens the pulse – and why the hell should you invest in one?

  • Muddy has a Mooch for glorious gifts

    I love it when we find a great local retailer with pricing that makes our eyes open in pleasant surprise, as opposed to water in disbelief! And I love it even more when they find Muddy, which is what happened with Mooch, a new Northants based, online store selling glorious gifts and greetings cards at VERY […]

  • Muddy fashion: Wyse London

    Shall we mention the C-word? Relax, my elves, I mean cashmere. This supersoft jumper,by Wyse London, is available at, a UK online boutique committed to the concept of ageless fashion…

    • Hot hair colours for the season – Muddy visits Seckingtons

      Every year without fail, the calendar comes around to October/November and I start getting itchy hair (like itchy feet, but hair, that demands a change to suit the leaves outside ; ) It invariably involves some red hues, which give that warmer feel to one’s complexion that can sometimes resemble corned beef in the lowering […]

    • Does countryside chic pass the Muddy fashion test?

      For a gal who edits a blog that touts itself as the ‘Urban Guide to the Countryside’ it’s ironic that I usually walk a mile when it comes to sporting a Yumster Mummster, jump in your Range Rover type garb; but it seems I’m the one missing out for judging a book by its Barbour cover. Once […]

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