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The joy of jumpsuits

Be still my beating heart! I've always had a special place in my wardrobe for a jumpsuit and they're still in vogue. Bring it all on...

It’s been about eight years since jumpsuits boinged back onto fashion’s radar, after decades in the wilderness. Hero, the editor over in Bucks says her initial position was best summed up as ‘Um, no way am I wearing a giant babygro, thanks’? Now she absolutely LOVEs THEM and me? Well I’ve always had a special place in my wardrobe for a jumpsuit. They take up hardly any room in a suitcase and they rarely need ironing. Winner, and a total wardrobe mainstay pour moi. Winser London have done two brilliant ones this season – a slinky satin-backed crepe style in black or midnight blue (£150) that I already have my beady eye on for my Muddy Awards in June (accessorised with a glass of champagne, naturelment) and the more casual daytime boiler suit in khaki or black (£179).  So what exactly is it about jumpsuits that quickens the pulse – and why the hell should you invest in one?

Winser jumpsuit, £150

1. They’re brilliantly versatile

Dress it up, dress it down. Here’s a case in point: Muddy’s Kerry Potter bought a navy Whistles one for her 40th birthday party, teamed with spike heels and lashings of gold jewellery for the big night. And she’s worn it a million times since, dressed down with white trainers and a bomber jacket for a more low-key daytime look. You just don’t get that kind of wear out of a posh party frock, do you? A jumpsuit is for life, not just for Christmas (and birthdays).

2. They’re a bit edgy

Feeling a bit middle-aged and dowdy? (I hear you, sister.) Get a jumpsuit – less hassle and cheaper than a Ferrari or toyboy. At a recent wedding I went to several guests were wearing jumpsuits – they all looked utterly chic and really stood out from the crowd. Jumpsuits defo have a cooler, more modern edge than a dress, I think. They also often have pockets – big tick for me as I’m constantly losing lipsticks in the bowels of bucket bags.

Winser khaki jumpsuit, £179

3. They’re comfy (loo breaks notwithstanding)

I never feel overdressed or trussed up in a jumpsuit. There’s something very relaxed and flow-y about them. If you’re climbing out of a car, scrambling about on the floor with small children or crumping at a party (look it up, I had to!), there’s no danger feeling restricted or flashing too much flesh. The only downside is that you have to get fully undressed to use the loo, so don’t wear one if you’ll be using manky music festival Portaloos (but as you can see below, a normal loo is ok ; )

4. They’re a ready-made outfit

Any look that involves minimal effort on busy mornings is a winner for me. Ditto busy evenings – you know those ones where you going out but have precisely three seconds to get ready? Enter the jumpsuit. Slip it on and out you go!

Streetstyle: the jumpsuit takes to the streets

5. There’s one out there for everyone

Please don’t think you’re too short/curvy/whatever for a jumpsuit. Whether you have an arse the size of Corby, who cares when you’re rocking a leopard print one-in-one (no, I’m not joking!). Trust me – try loads on and you’ll eventually find The One. And don’t be afraid to tweak – take a tip from Kerry here. ‘Make friends with your local tailor or seamstress. As a 5’2 shorty, I’ve lost count of hemlines I’ve had taken up over the years. My Whistles navy jumpsuit drowned me but I loved it so much I wanted to make it work. I had several inches chopped off the legs and the shoulder straps shortened and, bingo, it was perfect. Spend a few extra quid to get the perfect fit.’ Hear, hear!

Winser London

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2 comments on “The joy of jumpsuits”

  • Sue wellington May 16, 2017

    Definitely got to get myself one of those
    Not had one since my twenties ??

    • annaloudearden May 16, 2017

      I think it would suit you perfectly Sue.


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