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Tying the knot? 5 reasons to use a celebrant!


What the bejesus is a celebrant? Well the dictionary says it’s someone who participates in a ceremony or rite, i.e., someone present at a baptism, confirmation ceremony, wedding, a service to welcome new family members, coming-of-age rituals, etc…or anything really! In this time of trouble, it’s kinda nice to celebrate all those things we are part of that may be worth an extra special nod. I’m coming up to that famous 14 year milestone and thinking of getting someone in to celebrate (or incredualte), but who, and also she’d have to contend with a pretty motley crew?


Jane Gower. That’s who! Jane has experience. Lots of it. The former high-flying CEO of a company with a turnover of £340 mill, now has her own business as a civil celebrant, officiating at weddings, funerals, baby naming ceremonies, general life affirming times that you’d like to commemorate. If you don’t want a religious ceremony, she can advise, and also help source music, readings, poems, and she has no problem with people’s religous beliefs or sexual and gender orientation. As part of her previous experiences, Jane organised large events which led to her setting up Rainbow Romance, offering wedding planning and party celebrations, and then led to her becoming a celebrant (how cool, someone who can celebrate AND organise your wedding)! Below Jane tells us 5 reasons why she’s the gal for your big (or little) day.

1. Every ceremony is completely unique and bespoke to the couple, the only limitation is your imagination…You will have complete control in what your ceremony contains and you have the opportunity to include as much or as little religious content as you like. Jane will start with a blank canvas and work with you to create your day, your way!

Colorful Hindu wedding in India

2. The ceremony can be held anywhere – it doesn’t have to be at a venue with a licence – although to make it legal the couple still have to say the official words in front of a registrar.


3. Family members can take part with readings or music. It’s all about fluidity and what YOU want!


4. Lots of spiritual methods can be incorporated: Loving Cup, Wedding Toast, Rose Ceremony, Hand Fasting, First and Last Kiss, Jumping the Broom (Jane will let you into all of her little secrets on what these are…).


5. And lastly, it’s just blatantly cool to have your own celebrant. It’s unique, and can guarantee your day, your way; and ultimately, isn’t that what it’s all about!?


So there you have it. A day that is special to you both. A wedding in a place where you both met or were proposed to – your own home, a garden, a restaurant, a hotel, on the beach, in the forest, on top of a skyscraper or in Topshop. Give Jane a bell. She knows what she’s talking about, and she’s got some great wedding hacks for the perfect candle lit ceremony (brown paper bags filled with sand, who knew)!

8bf32f49-71e2-47d2-9363-c59511c7bd70-rs_768For more info, call the very amiable Jane Gower, UK Celebrants, or call 07774 1428100

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