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What colours can you wear..?

And did getting her 'colours done' work for our Muddy assistant when she had a visit from stylist Lesley Clarke?

Stylists are just for the Kardashians of the world aren’t they? Hell no! We all want to feel good about ourselves, but if style and image aren’t your thing, how do you get it? A style advisor is how, and Northants has a number of ladies with a keen eye on how to make it easier for you. Lesley Clarke is one of them, and she helps women (and men) discover what clothes and styles will suit them best. She does colour analysis (I remember Grand Muddy getting this done in the ’80s), body-line evaluation and general advice so that deciding what to wear isn’t a massive pain in the backside. Colour analysis is a systematic analysis of an individual’s skin tone, hair and eye colour which determines which group of colours best suits them. Apparently, if you are wearing the ‘right’ colours you will naturally look younger and healthier! Whereas the ‘wrong’ colours will have the opposite effect, making you look tired and drained.

So what should you be wearing? If you have a warm glow to your skin you will probably suit colours with a yellow undertone and look best in gold jewellery but if your skin tone is cooler you’ll suit colours with a blue undertone and silver jewellery. Lesley says it’s best to experiment in the depths of winter when you’re at your palest because as we all know when we have that ‘summer holiday glow’ we can get away with wearing more colour options close to our faces. Generally speaking, the stronger your contrast in skin tone, hair and eye colour, the more stronger colours will suit you, but if you have less contrast, lighter skin tone, hair and eye colour, you will suit paler colours best. We often get to know which colours we don’t look so good in (particularly as we age and our skin tone and hair colour naturally fade), but it’s all those other shades in between that can be tricky!

Super duper Muddy assistant Sarah, welcomed Lesley into her home and opened her wardrobe (brave lady), to get her colours done! Chatting as she worked Lesley explained: ‘My aim is to help individuals feel good about themselves and ultimately save them money by not making spontaneous purchases that don’t last the test of time. I want to excite and motivate my clients to enjoy what they wear in a way that works for them as an individuals around their natural colouring, body shape, lifestyle and budget. And not to be drawn into what ‘fashion’ dictates!’  Oooooooh, read on to see how Sarah fared…

I wasn’t sure about this when Anna-Lou asked me if I would be interested in having my ‘colours done’ (as you can see from the picture above), but Grand Muddy had had to step down from her duties and never let it be said that I’m not a game girl! I’m pretty confident in my own style and think I know what suits me, so it’s not something I’d considered doing before and to be honest, I wasn’t keen on having someone go through my wardrobe, but any nerves I had quickly disappeared when I met Lesley. The process starts with her asking questions about your hair colour, eyes, looking at your skin tone (you have to be completely make-up free for this bit!), and as she’s talking she’s making notes and has a very interesting set of colour cards in front of her. She then puts a white turban over your head and makes sure all of your hair is completely hidden and pops a white poncho type top over you, so that she is working without any influence from colour that you might already be wearing.

She then goes through a process of holding different colour swatches of fabric against your skin, there is a huge selection and she’s a bit like a magician as she swiftly pulls out coloured squares at speed. You can’t really talk to her at this point as she is busy concentrating and working her way through the selection. Once she’s gone through this process she gets you to hold up a mirror as she demonstrates how different colours work against your skin. This bit is great as you can actually see for yourself the difference that the right colour makes to your skin and I was surprised at a lot of the colours that I could wear but relieved that black is still one of them! You are given a really handy pocket sized set of swatches that you know work for you, which is great for taking out shopping. This also includes information on jewellery, make-up and hair colours and how getting the colour right can make a huge difference to your overall look.

Lesley has a really warm style that makes you feel totally at ease and she’s not there to judge you or make you feel bad about your current wardrobe just to help you to feel more confident in your choices and what can work for you that you might not have considered.

Sooooo happy she can still wear her favourite black

If you’re a person who is unsure about your style, Lesley would be fab at personal styling, shopping, and wardrobe weeding. I feel OK with my style and confidence, but it was still really helpful. If you’re not so confident and self assured in the clothes you wear, definitely call Lesley. She said she works with lots of women whose body shape has changed. For example, after becoming a Mum, which often coincides with putting other priorities like family and work before yourself, you suddenly realise it’s not as easy as it used to be. Also, around menopause when women can become particularly indecisive and find it harder to know what styles suit them best and can get overwhelmed by shopping; Lesley would definitely be your woman!

Colour Analysis is £95 but worth bearing in mind it can save you money because you can then build a capsule wardrobe around the colours that suit you. Lesley is always happy to have a chat over the phone, so if this is something that maybe of interest to you or you just want to know more about her other services, why don’t you give her a call, no obligation but I know she’d be happy to help.

Contact Lesley Clarke, Style Advisor.

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