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  • 5 Reasons to Visit The Men’s Room – Market Harborough 

    No, it’s not some public loo over the Leicestershire border, it’s a very cool barbers; modern, with a classic twist and a specialism in hot towels (great at this time of year I imagine). Now we have quite a few male readers on Muddy Stilettos Northants, and I don’t think it’s really authentic for me […]

  • Why December is a great time for facials!

    Blossom Beauty was winner of the Muddy Stilettos Award for Best Complementary Therapy, so who better to ask why this time of year is good to get a facial (quite frankly, I think all year round is a good time to get a facial; one of my fave treatments ever)!  Ellen Zok who runs Blossom […]

  • Muddy’s anti-aging experiment

    It may look like a sex toy, but it worked wonders on the wrinkles and pores…

  • Hot hair colours for the season – Muddy visits Seckingtons

    Every year without fail, the calendar comes around to October/November and I start getting itchy hair (like itchy feet, but hair, that demands a change to suit the leaves outside ; ) It invariably involves some red hues, which give that warmer feel to one’s complexion that can sometimes resemble corned beef in the lowering […]

  • Muddy’s take on ‘Beach Body Ready’

    Most of us will remember that ad from last year, causing uproar everywhere by inferring we all needed to look like this to be eligible for the beach! Well now it’s back in the news again as London mayor Sadiq Khan pledged to ban adverts promoting ‘unhealthy or unrealistic’ body images, across the Transport for London (TfL) […]

  • Muddy pops some colour at Astis

    I don’t mind the dentist. In fact, I even kinda like it, the opportunity to be quiet for a while, no obligation to talk or chat about your holidays. The hairdressers? Not so much. I have really thin hair that struggles to do anything at all other than hang there wispily, looking all wan and […]

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