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The Majestic of chocolate! This fab ethical and sustainable online chocolate retailer will have you craving a bar without the guilt.

We love delicious chocolate like the next person, but what we also love are sustainable and ethical brands that really practice what they preach. At online retailer Kakaw, it’s all about chocolate with a purpose. Not only do 25% of profits get donated to the reforestation charity TREE AID, all the chocolate they stock is plastic free (the only plastic they use is home compostable and biodegradable). ALL of the chocolate is palm oil free too. So when you treat yourself, you know you’re doing some good. Their aim is to become the Majestic of chocolate and they’ve recently launched with a solid list of brands; including Northamptonshire’s very own Seed & Bean. On the website you’ll also see Kakaw’s weekly recommendations and they have something for everyone’s taste buds. Dark to vegan, white to milk, plus a whole lot more choco goodness.

Their main message is #morechocolatemoretrees, because sadly, the chocolate industry plays a huge part in deforestation. One and a half acres of forest falls every second somewhere in the world, many cleared for industrial-scale cocoa and palm oil plantations. That’s a staggering 80,000 acres a day! Fortunately consumers are becoming more savvy and companies like Kakaw and the brands they stock are there to fulfil demand so we can still indulge with a clear conscience (ethically at least ; )  We’ve spoken to the founder William Farr and his passion for sustainability and the planet is infectious. It helps that all of the chocolate is delicious too. Bravo Kakaw a company that really gives credence to the phrase ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’

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