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Muddy Hand Ties – Creative Fleur


I love flowers, but I have to be completely honest, they’re often bought in a rush alongside the spring onions and facial wipes. I’ve still got this idea that going into a florist for flowers ‘just for me’, is quite indulgent (and expensive), and if I did go the cheaper option and get loose flowers, how the heck do I get them into some semblance of prettiness. Cue, Creative Fleur in Wellingborough, which is running workshops on just that, and even took some time out of their busy schedule to give Mini Muddy her very own masterclass!

IMG_9696Lisa Keegan, who owns Creative Fleur is running the workshops to give people more confidence on how to choose flowers, sometimes even from your own garden (more of that below), and not always have to rely on a supermarket impulse purchase. The shop, which is in the fabulous little retail park Nene Court in Wellingborough, has a huge range of flowers, and it’s large and airy for you to browse around and pick from beautiful fresh fleurs, or choose some pretty awesome fake flowers (which are apparently having something of a resurgence).


Creative Fleur has been a lifelong dream for Lisa, who has over 10 years experience in the florist and retail industry. Aside from being a fully qualified florist, plants are also her passion (soooo many pretty things to choose from).

IMG_9700After finishing in retail, Lisa decided to start creating weddings and funeral flowers from her home for friends and family, but it soon became too much for her little house and Creative Fleur was born.


IMG_9702IMG_9701It’s clear that Lisa has had lots of experience with people too. She was very patient with her instruction, and had the Mudlet sorting out a lovely bouquet in under half an hour (why doesn’t she listen to me like that at home, humph)!

Step 1

Pick your flowers. You need focal flowers (we had Dahlias and Roses), filler flowers (Bouvardia and Gypsophila) and then greenery (Pittosporum and Mint).


Step 2

Have odd numbers of each, start with a couple of focal flowers and lean diagonal, keeping stems joined in one place.IMG_9711

Step 3, 4 and 5

Keep on building the bunch, nice even round, with lots of symmetry. Get Lisa to check on progress, then disappear behind your creation!


Step 6 and 7

Get your paper and fold diagonally (use as natural materials as possible. There was lots of matte paper and natural twine, no gloss in sight), then carefully wrap around your flowers with a look of intense concentration! The hand tie over the wrapper can be difficult at first, so maybe try and have an extra pair of hands on hand : )


Step 8

Smile big, and show off your wonderful bunch of hand tied flowers. Ta da!


Back home, the Mini Mud was straight into the garden to test out her skills!


And we ended up with a pretty good first home attempt that actually lasted over a fortnight!


Alongside the Creative Fleur assisted bunch, the house looked pretty summery, with a beautiful floral smell that made me think I might get addicted to having fresh flowers in the house.img_9790

BUT! If money is tight, and you can’t always have real flowers, look how gorgeous the fake ones are! And Lisa has a really good selection of these, which she’ll make up into a bouquet if you ask.

At Creative Fleur Lisa treats every job with the same love and passion. From a small romantic wedding to a large corporate event, to a beautiful bouquet just for you.

So whether you want fresh flowers from quality growers in Holland or fantastic quality silk flowers, pop along and see Lisa, you won’t leave empty handed (she also does quirky gifts, candles, balloons and locally sourced artisan chocolates, yum).

For more details on the workshop or to contact lisa, visit Creative Fleur

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