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Gotta have it

It's not available in the shops yet, but this new invention from a couple of Northamptonshire based bods, will give you the best cup of tea ever!

This isn’t the sexiest Gotta Have It I’ve ever done, but as a black tea drinker, I really feel quite passionate about this product. So, what’s the unsexy story I hear you cry? Whoaaaa, slow down, let’s have a bit of background first. Did you know it is recommended that you clean your kettle monthly, but let’s face it, who bothers? Like really…(I actually can’t remember the last time the Muddy kettle was descaled *embarassed face).

Me, this is not…

Anyhoo, thanks to the The Northants based Radical Kettle Company, it’s all gonna get a bit easier as they have just released their ground-breaking De-Limer kettle cleaner.

Using the De-Limer couldn’t be simpler (thankfully for me)! You just place it in a kettle full of water, it turns on and immediately starts attacking the limescale in your kettle. After 55 minutes it stops cleaning the kettle and then, rather cleverly, cleans itself for 5 minutes (just like Muddy Paws). When it switches itself off, you simply empty the kettle and flush out the limescale. It’s as simple as that and after cleaning, the kettle boils quieter and quicker, using up to 12.5% less electricity and delays the day when you need to buy a new kettle. (Incidentally, over 7.5 million kettles are bought each year in the UK alone, so the De-Limer’s aim of cleaner, quieter kettles also reduces electricity consumption and landfill. Win/win)!

The De-Limer was discovered in a ‘Eureka’ moment by John Pritchard and Tim Wareing who have been friends for over 40 years, and although they run their own separate companies they have worked on a number of projects together. They live in an area where there is very hard water and the build up of limescale in their kettles means that their kettles rarely last more than 18 months (apparently, they do drink a lot of tea).

They had been working on developing an electric kettle that goes in a dishwasher and were also working on a separate project which monitored the efficiency of different methods of extracting hydrogen and oxygen from water using electrolysis (whoaaa, they sound super brainy eh).

One of the problems of this process is that it generated a lot of limescale. Having tried and failed to clean the limescale off one of the metal tubes manually they re-set up their latest experiment, but plugged the electrical connections in the wrong way round. Within a few seconds the limescale was just falling off. They looked at each other and realised that they had solved the initial kettle cleaning problem. It’s not being sold yet, but the patent application process is running and hopefully it’ll be on the market soon.

Remember, you heard it on Muddy first!

For further information on the product, check out the website or contact John Pritchard – 07941 500650 or Tim Wareing – 01604 768721

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