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I’ve always loved stationery. Other girls had a Tiny Tears or a Barbie, I had my trusty diary (more on that below). So you can imagine my sheer joy when I discovered Sloane Stationery a few months ago on Twitter. And of course I just had to share the love.


More affordable than Smythson but just as stylish, the range is fun and witty and includes slogan-embossed notebooks, diaries, pencils, notepads and gift sets, including these awesome ‘desk in a box’ sets (£119) which I think make a great present for loads of people I can think of who are tricky to buy for.deskinabox

Prices are soooo sensible (not often you hear that) softcover notebooks from £12.99, desk diaries £45, photo albums from £39, and these gorgeous visitor books are £59 – again, what a beautiful present they would make, don’t you agree?


And, even better, they have personalised options too! So you can design notebooks, albums, diaries and sketchbooks – choose your book; pick a colour; write your text and BOOM! Your ‘Muddy Northants Rocks My World’ notebook will be winging it’s way to your door mucho rapido. Now off you trot and get your fix. At those prices you can afford to stock up to the MAX!


I wrote a short piece about diaries for a recent feature I was involved in…here’s an excerpt about what my teenage diary meant for me.

Woe betide anyone who put their mitts on my diary, ‘Hopes & Dreams, aged 13’. 

Although had they managed to procure it from under the mattress of my cabin bed, they would have been largely disappointed that the grandiose Hopes & Dreams mainly consisted of missives such as ‘Had school dinners today, I could almost suck the veg through my teeth…’ 

My teenage diary was really just a summary of exactly how dull life was in a small town comprehensive. BUT… stick with it until the warmer summer months and it definitely hotted up to the tune of ‘Snogged Lee Dolan behind the science block,* he tasted of cinnamon Jaw Breakers.’ 

In reality, nobody would have gained anything from reading my diary, but having it there in black and white is all a 13 year old needs to validate that they actually exist. 

And for that, I will always be truly thankful for the crappy diary that looked like my Nan’s curtains.

*Lee Dolan later broke my heart by going out with my best friend Helen (chronicled in the August entry).


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