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Wouldn’t you though?

nude3If you reckon a cup of coffee is just a cup of coffee, you haven’t been to Bella Barista in Wellingborough. You’d be mistaken for thinking this is a place that provides coffee machines for professionals (they look like small spaceships), but no, this is retail coffee heaven that sells professional coffee machines for the home. With the coffee-shop giants such as Starbucks, Costa and Pret à Manger leading the way, we’re a nation who increasingly loves a cup of Joe. Even though we’ve sometimes had less cash to spend, we are willing to pay for coffee shop style quality in the home, and why not?


Oooooh so new and shiny

A third of people in the UK now have some form of coffee machine in their kitchen, which are easily filled with quality artisan beans, often bought online. Conveniently, Bella Barista also has The Roastery, which roasts amazing beans that really do taste delish, but where do they get theses lovely beanies from?


From micro lots to small farm co-operatives, The Roastery samples and selects single origin coffees from around the world, throughout the year. They roast batches in the in-house roastery, aiming for a balance of rich smooth body and fruity, floral varietals. Once roasted, there is a finite window (3-4 weeks) when coffee is best consumed from the roast date which is why they have created letterbox friendly packaging to ensure the quickest method for us to receive our coffee (woo hoo, you don’t even have to pop to the shop). Coffee subscriptions are growing in popularity and they’re more flexible than people think. You have full control of skipping a bag when you go on holiday or pausing/cancelling the subscription at any time (no nightmare gym membership tie-ins here ; ) Check out how easy they are here.

I went along to chat to the owner Marcel Binley who is a coffee aficionado and all-round nice guy. So nice in fact he loaned me a machine for a month, taking me from coffee zero to cappucino hero (evidence below)!


Coffee zero, to…


Woo hoo…hero

The month with my sooper dooper coffee machine was a dream! I had several coffee mornings with the ladies, and it helped that The Garden Deli in Nene Court is only around the corner and makes yummy sarnies and cakes. I was pretty strapped for time one day, called them up and they made me a lush picnic in takeaway boxes that I then laid out like a posh afternoon tea!


It took a while to nail the making of the perfect coffee, and I’m no barista, but the morning routine of warming the machine, grinding the beans and steaming the milk, really was very therapeutic!

If you’re wanting an afternoon/evening caffeine hit with a bit more fizz, Marcel told me about coffee and tonic water being the new drink on the block. While tonic and coffee might seem odd together, it’s a combination that has risen to popularity in the specialty coffee world, giving a refreshing, caffeinated kick to drinkers in search of something different than just a regular cup of coffee or espresso. It’s as simple as an espresso poured into a glass with tonic water and ice. The result is not only tasty — citrusy, crisp, and refreshing — but also preeeeeety, as the espresso sinks into the tonic water.


Want an even bigger livener in your livener? Add gin! I don’t wanna be a Nene Court sycophant, but they have fab gin too at Hart Family Brewery. We didn’t mix it at the coffee afternoon (what do you think I am, a lush, ahem), but I tried it one Saturday evening after a particularly tasty meal, and it was the perfect digestive (plus I even managed to sleep after the caffeine – possibly to do with the gin ; )

98af109a-ab78-4f19-871d-2dd6c9bf5bcbIt’s fast approaching the festive season and if you can’t afford your loved one an amazing coffee machine (they do vary in price, so it is worth a look), I reckon a subscription on coffee is a fab prezzie idea (no more mornings living with a bear with a sore head, it’s gotta be worth it)! And just one month with my super dooper coffee machine saved me £2.50 a day, Monday to Friday. That’s over £50 a month, and bearing in mind I am often upsold to a sweet treat in a coffee shop, it’s even more savings. Plus, it just tastes better! If you fancy sampling a coffee subscription, call 01933 273 275 or e mail and quote Muddy1 and you’ll get your first pack of coffee for just a £1 (and who doesn’t want a coffee with notes of caramel, redcurrant, cherry, honeysuckle and chocolate, yum)!


Ahhhh, fond memories of my old friend…

The Roastery at Nene Court Retail Park Nene Court The Embankment Wellingborough Northamptonshire NN8 1LD 01933 273 275

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