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Why aren’t you losing weight?

Investing time and money in your health and fitness but it's not working? Life Force Fitness explains why...

Loads of people invest time and money in their health and fitness but it often doesn’t work? Why is that? Jon Bellis and Samantha Houlbrook at Life Force Fitness know, because they’ve seen enough people to know what works and what doesn’t. Top of the pops on reasons you might have fallen by the wayside are…

  • Haven’t got your nutrition right.
  • Are not doing enough or the right exercise.
  • Have set your expectations too high and get demotivated before you see good progress.
  • Have nobody to keep you accountable or to keep you motivated.
  • Are not sure what to do.
  • Haven’t set yourself goals.

Jon’s super, duper fit partner, Samantha

Jon and the team are confident that with the Life Force Fitness programmes you will get results. They’re so sure in fact, they offer a money back guarantee.  One Muddy reader who joined in January has already had a weight loss of nearly 10lbs (4.4 kg in one month)! And if that’s not enough, a reduction in body fat of 2.3%, taking her from the obese category to overweight. In addition, her blood pressure went from the Pre-High category to Normal! She’s working with trainer Samantha Houlbrook, so there are options for a female trainer, testament to the diversity offered here. Lots of women feel more comfortable with a female trainer, and by offering one at this level of fitness and experience, you know you’re going to get a great level of support, but with a female.

There’s no ‘typical’ client either. The first few sign ups were blokes looking to get buff, all 50 or below, since then they’ve mostly been older, and they’ve all been weight loss clients, with the average age of 53, oldest 72, and youngest 39…not your usual gym fare. Job wise, clients range from members of the medical profession – a forensic psychologist, a retired GP, a retired consultant gynaecologist and a dentist – to a whole variety of professionals. But all clients have one thing in common: they want to look different. Most of them feel fat and want to be slim, fit, more agile, stronger, healthier and the results are saying it’s working. The team has also just launched a pelvic floor specialisation. Well Muddy didn’t know before researching this article, that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men live with pelvic floor dysfunction so this 12-week programme designed by founder Louise Field, Adore Your Pelvic Floor, is a great additional add on for clients (see below for details on getting this for free)!

So we can see why Jon and his team are so confident in getting you where you need to be…but let’s hear from the horse’s mouth what sets Life Force Fitness apart!

We sell results

Well for starters, it means you don’t buy membership and you don’t buy personal training sessions. For most people, those things don’t ensure results. What it means is that you tell us what results you want, and we design a personalised programme of the right duration and with the right elements to get you the results you seek. You buy the programme, you buy results.

We take an holistic approach

You don’t just get training, you get nutrition too and a lifetime of know-how to continue. If you buy one of our programmes you get:

A bespoke exercise programme that aligns with your goals and capabilities, has the right progressions, addresses functional and postural issues and optimises fat loss. And a bespoke nutrition programme that includes regularly updated calorie targets, meal breakdown, 2 hours of food coaching and meal planning advice, meal ideas tailored to your calorie breakdown and complimentary text/email Q&A on any aspect of your programme. We offer a recipe book too.

We are scientifically rigorous

We have spent a lot of time and effort reading and researching the science of fat loss and muscle gain so that you reap the rewards of the practices that really work…plus we cut through all the jargon.

We use data to monitor and motivate

We capture a lot of data about you! This is used to make sure we know – in numbers – the starting point and progress of all our clients. You will get all of the following measurements

  • Body composition – body fat %, skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat, biological age, body water, minerals, proteins, fat mass, muscle balance and much more
  • Vital statistics – weight, waist, hips, chest, waist to hip ratio, BMI, basal metabolic rate, blood sugar, blood pressure, resting heart rate, VO2Max
  • Body shape – we use front and side on photographs to document progress both in fat loss and posture improvements
  • Strength and fitness – we chart our clients’ progress in total tonnes per workout, calories per workout, recovery and strength in the key lifts
  • Calories – both ingested and expended – all our private clients get a Fitbit and are encouraged to log their food.

We understand you

How come? Because we are more mature than the average trainer. We’re not fresh out of college, we’re worldly wise. We have worked in high pressure jobs in different industries, we’ve commuted in cars and on trains, we’ve raised families, we’ve suffered losses, we’ve picked up injuries and niggles along the way.We understand how challenging life can be. We understand that certain exercises just won’t work. We can relate to you. We talk your language. And because of that, we design better programmes that work for you, your lifestyle and your challenges.


Like what you hear Mudsters? Samantha is offering the pelvic floor programme free to the first 10 who sign up through Muddy Stilettos for one of their private programmes (just mention Muddy). It includes FOUR 1-1 sessions and a new you! Get in touch here or call  O1604 289190!

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2 comments on “Why aren’t you losing weight?”

  • Natalie February 15, 2018

    Hi I would like to do this programme I struggle I go gym but it’s food I don’t know what is good and will and won’t
    Please please help I am so desperate , I try suger Free / thrn ni bread / no Choc more eggs lol I lost the plot really need help

    • annaloudearden February 20, 2018

      Hi Natalie, we know what you mean! Give the guys a ring and see if they can help! Good luck.


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