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Fit for summer!

Thinking bikini? Life Force Fitness has 5 top tips for getting in shape

Just half an hour in Jon’s company talking about fitness and I was feeling super motivated and reflecting on how his ethos of health and fitness being a lifestyle choice, not a quick fix, is exactly where it’s at. And you only have to look at Jon to see he IS the advert for Life Force Fitness,  the Moulton Park based personal training studio.

The official launch of the studio was back in Jan, and I went along to talk to Jon about his venture, which focuses on conditioning/personal training and weight loss. It’s not a gym, per se, this is all about customised/tailored programmes for individuals who are willing to pay for results. Aside from a wealth of experience (details below), he has a nifty machine that measures EVERYTHING and can kick start your journey into peak health and fitness (the Muddy MOT was surprisingly ok, no big red flags other than I could probably build up my muscle mass, but it’ll be holiday season soon, so there’ll be lots of suitcase carrying, ha ha)!

The room was in sort out mode pre launch event, so focus on my nervous smile

Back to the results that WILL happen if you sign up… Jon will apply all he has learned in the last 22 years and is convinced they will work, because they have for him! He wasn’t always a sport Billy by all accounts! An overweight teenager and living an unhealthy lifestyle in his 20s, Jon got sick of being a fat guy and decided to focus on his health and shape up and improve his lifestyle, exercise habits and diet.

Jon’s partner in fitness and life Samantha Houlbrook

His experiences made him think about how many people in this country lead sedentary lifestyles, are overweight and unaware of the harmful changes happening inside them. He wanted to inspire the positive changes that they needed to improve their lifespan and wellbeing, and became an avid practitioner and advocate of health and fitness reading and researching everything he could find on the subject (bearing in mind he is a PHD physicist, I reckon that’s a whole lot of info). He qualified as a Personal Trainer in his spare time (while working as a banker in the city) and started to train people while continuing to develop his own physique, testing everything out, using himself as a guinea pig (btw – he’s also a champion bodybuilder!!!).

His aspiration was to start a business where he could use all of this and help people achieve health, strength and better body composition. So when the moment was right, he took the plunge and started Life Force Fitness.

He’s gone from fat to fit; experienced 22 years of commuting and corporate stress; researched and perfected the science and practice of muscle gain and fat loss is now a devotee and avid practitioner of health and fitness. Life Force Fitness is different to anything out there, and I really get the feeling that it will change many lives. With that in mind, who better to ask for tips for getting in shape now the summer’s in full swing?

For more details on bespoke programmes at Life Force Fitness, check out their website or call Jon on 01604 289190…

Thinking bikini? Jon’s 5 top tips for getting in shape 

Jon and Samantha at Life Force Fitness who can, and will help you in your quest to become fitter, healthier, leaner, boom!

  1. Do moderate intensity fasted cardio.

If you’re overweight and you’ve been sedentary for a while, there’s a good chance you have poor blood sugar control. When that happens you can lose your ability to burn fat. You can do something about it! Early morning moderate intensity fasted cardio will re-train your body to use fat for fuel. Start with a brisk walk and gradually build up the speed and duration. Make it part of your daily routine.

  1. Re-educate your taste buds

We’re exposed to sweet and intense flavours from an early age. These flavours trigger a reward response in the brain which leaves us addicted, craving more. What’s more they overstimulate our taste buds and we lose the ability to discern the variety and subtlety of flavours in healthier, less refined food. Re-educate your taste buds – all you have to do is go cold turkey and resist the cravings for a few days. Throw out the bad food and start enjoying the healthy stuff.

  1. Keep a food diary

Research has shown that those who keep a food diary are better at maintaining a healthy weight. Start by recording everything you eat and drink. Better still, record the quantities and calories using an app like myfitnesspal or the food logger in the Fitbit app. It’s a bit of a chore to begin with, but you’ll learn a huge amount about what’s in the food you eat and what a sensible portion looks like. That’s knowledge for life!

  1. Train with weights

You want all the weight you lose to be fat, not muscle. Weight training will help preserve your muscle. You won’t get muscly. But you will improve your strength, posture, tone, hormonal environment and blood sugar control. Don’t like the sound of it? I used to think that too. But once I started I found it a very enjoyable and motivational form of exercise, and now I’m hooked!

  1. Choose calorie sparse foods

If you’re struggling to keep a food diary then you should get results by emphasising calorie sparse foods. What does that mean? Any food that occupies a lot of space in your stomach without too many calories. Vegetables, fruits, beans, pulses, wholegrains and lean protein all fit the bill. Oh, and water! In general, if a food is unrefined, has plenty of protein, or fibre and liquid, then it’s likely to be a good choice.


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