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3 reasons to visit Rob, my Chiropractor

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The thing about a chiropractor is you don’t usually see one until the problem is already evident, and usually by the time you’re willing to fork out £40 quid, the pain is quite bad (or you’re going on holiday and you’re worried you won’t even be able to pick up your suitcase – yup, that was me). Most people only visit the chiropractor when they’re referred by their doctor or they’ve tried everything else and forking out for treatment is the last resort. But I’ve found that going to a chiropractor a couple of times a year, usually for two sessions at a time, keeps my back (and specifically my shoulder), in fine fettle (which isn’t bad considering how much time I spend at a keyboard). And if that means avoiding surgery or even bigger back issues, then it’s money well spent! Here are the three main reasons I visit Rob at Tri Naturally Chiropractic Clinic.

 1. Stress


No stress to see here, move on

When you get stressed out, you tend to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, or at least I do. I walk around with my shoulders tensed up and before long I have low level but persistent pain in my neck and shoulders.

Chiropractors use their hands to manipulate the soft tissue and also help with gentle stretching to relax tension. There are some strange moves Rob does to the bottom of my neck that feel like he’s going to thwack me, but it’s all light touch and harmless (so far). It’s different to a general massage, and I suppose isn’t really a massage at all; and they definitely know their way around the human skeleton, or at least Rob does (like various medical practitioners, dentists and many other health professions, all chiropractors must be registered by law, under the Chiropractors Act and must be qualified from a recognised place of chiropractic education). Rob’s also a great conversationalist (should you choose to chat). He’s also very knowledgable about nutrition and general health (he recently did an Iron Man, yup). Whatever the science, a couple of sessions with Rob and my stress levels are lower and my back is silent!


Rob uses the McTimoney method alongside Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), Trigger Point Therapy, Active Release Style Techniques and Therapeutic Ultrasound (long winded, but it works)

2. To avoid surgery

20140206backscrewsOften people with injuries like a herniated disk think they have to have surgery immediately, but that might not always be the case. Sometimes surgery doesn’t always correct the problem and often chiropractors can provide corrective treatments and improve the condition before surgery is ever needed. Rob knows what he’s talking about. I’d definitely choose him as first port of call over the scalpel.

3. You’re hurting and you don’t know why

To get to the root of your pain, chiropractors not only manipulate your body to help you feel better, but will also evaluate how you live, sleep, and work. At your first visit, Rob asks questions about your sleep position, posture, and what you do in your free time. Once he’s figured out the cause of your pain, he will then try to locate where you’re unbalanced, and then begin therapies. Rob talked to me about working at the computer and how to sit the right way. We’ve also had various discussions about sleeping positions and pillow density (not what I used to think of as pillow talk), and my overall niggly issues have reduced significantly since seeing Rob.

So there are my three reasons to pop along to Tri Naturally. But there are also some nice little things on top of the sciency bits. The clinic itself is really relaxing and Rob and his partner (also his wife), have made sure it’s welcoming and calm.


It’s out in the sticks (or what I like to call the tranquil Northamptonshire countryside of Castle Ashby), so it feels far from the Madding Crowd. If you fancy a little potter around for some chutneys or a quick coffee, the Castle Ashby Shopping Yard is neatly tucked in the shadow of its neighbour Elizabethan mansion – Castle Ashby (which has beautifu gardens too). There’s a variety of shops in the old converted farm buildings and there’s worse ways to spend an afternoon after you’ve been manipulated by Rob (as it were)!

6921878Since I hit 40 (shhhhh, it’s the new 30 don’t you know), I have taken my mind and body MOTs much more seriously, and often use things like chiropractory (is that even a word), and reflexology as preventative treatments, rather than cure. I may not be the sprightly 20 something I once was, but I’m a fairly well oiled machine for an older bird (and I don’t just mean with good wine ; )

A new patient consultation with Rob (1.5 hrs) is £67, follow up appointments £42

Tri Naturally Clinic, Scriven’s Yard, Castle Ashby, Northampton, NN7 1LF; Email: [email protected]; Phone: 07749 290 673 or 01604 696790

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