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  • Get Xmas ready with Diana’s

    Christmas and New Year are fast approaching which means epic parties, rich food and several bottles of vino and I for one certainly can’t wait! But with all the glitz and glam the holiday brings, it’s just another pressure to want to look your best, but how the hell do you do it? Diana’s Health […]

  • Muddy’s Guide to upcoming fitness events

    Over indulged this summer? Same here sis! But that's nothing a run on these chilly autumn mornings won't sort out.

  • A Wedding present from Sally Mills, Personal Trainer

    Gift yourself a fantastic figure, and a healthy heart for the big day. Forget sickness this is all about health and Sally Mills will have you feeling great and skipping down the aisle with her sustainable fitness programmes for brides and beyond.

  • 10 unlikely benefits of yoga

    The benefits of regular yoga practise are well-known: flexibility, mindfulness, relaxation and strength. Here are the health perks you may not know about.

  • fitness friends

    5 Reasons to get fit with Lewis PT

    Need your butt kicking into shape while also enjoying the exercise (yup, you read that right)? Read on and get inspired to change your lifestyle...

  • Sloping off to ski school

    Duck season? Wabbit season? Nope, it's Ski season so it's time to dust off those salopettes and head to, er, Hemel Hempstead

  • Keep on Running Mate

    Mr Muddy tells it like it is - how to get of the couch and go and do something less boring instead

  • On my soapbox: Healthiness shouldn’t be a status symbol

    OK, it’s time to clamber back onto my soapbox. Actually, can you just bear with me while I do three sets of tricep dips off it first? As is the drill in January, I’m using this relatively quiet time of year, undistracted by mulled wine and stilton, to ramp up my health and fitness. Eating a bit […]

  • 7 tips for fitness that we’re determined to stick to

    Really need to do something to counteract those 8,000 mince pies? Us too. But breaking out that neglected Lycra (or in Hillary Swank’s case, that itty bitty bikini) is flippin’ hard, especially when it’s cold and dark outside and Netflix is emitting its siren call. But look people, there are ways of eassssing yourself, Muddy style, […]

  • First look: Beyonce’s promo vid for her new fitness line

    I’ve just landed the mother of all chest infections, that’s my excuse not to do any exercise at the moment (oh come on, be fair!). But seeing Beyonce’s hot-of-the-press promo for her new fitness range has me feel a bit twitchy – not necessarily to sweat it out admittedly, but definitely to buy some of […]

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