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A Wedding present from Sally Mills, Personal Trainer

Forget about sickness, vow to be a healthy bride with Sally Mills PT

Photo: Hannah Hall Photography

It doesn’t matter how well planned your wedding is, how beautiful the venue setting, or how well turned out your other half is, your Wedding day is your wedding day, and you want to be in great shape – mind, body and soul. Sally Mills knows what you’re going through – because this year the Muddy Stilettos award finalist for Best Fitness Instructor is getting married herself. Does this mean she’ll be able to avoid the usual stresses, strains and anxieties associated with a wedding?  Maybe. Will she look fabulous? Of course.  Read on and find out why…

Sally Mills new orange training shoes

I’m not sure what wedding dress these match but…..

So in addition to her already broad range of clients how can Sally help brides to be and other anxious members of the Wedding Party? Her 1:1 coaching is all about planning fitness programmes and providing sustained fitness that stretches beyond any big day. Yes we all have goals – dress size, weight, body shape, but as Sally points out, people are results driven and if they can’t see results straight away they get they get bored – or worry, and give up. It’s not really just about one day – her advice is to use fitness goals.  So view your goals for the wedding as a first step to a long healthy happy life. She can provide the motivation and the expertise, but you’re in control.

Let’s get pre nuptial physical Salle Mills stylee

Sally wants her clients to attain fitness and then stay healthy and focused. Her personal training contains a wide variety of exercises, and combined with a varied diet it keeps the mind and body in good shape. There is a bigger picture than just the wedding day. This is the kick start to a healthier lifestyle. Forget about repetitive gym bunny circuit training  – her training involves a mixture of indoors and outdoors exercises and many of her clients take some of her equipment into their homes, if they’re not already set up. And she says once the fitness bug bites, it’s hard to shake it. ‘Exercise releases the body’s natural endorphins,’ says Sally, ‘so after a workout you’ll be tired and happy, but feeling great will stay with you. Committing to, and taking part in one of my programmes promotes a positive mental attitude as well improving you physically – inside and out.’

It’s that approach that is the secret to Sally’s success and it’s also what makes her such a favourite within Northamptonshire. She’s got a great track record of success with 15 years of experience in fitness, she’s evidently full of passion and is a great motivator – so let’s face it, we all need a Sally in our lives.  She’s based out of Kettering but often travels around the county with her carefully planned individual sessions, which are focused on her clients immediate goals – providing tools and techniques to meet the brief – and give you an incentive to carry on living a healthy life.  She’s no Sergeant Major, but neither is she a cuddly big sister when she’s on duty. It’s tough love and a dedication to the task in hand the minute your session starts.

So how are Sally’s own Wedding plans coming along? Is she as tough on herself? ‘I’m happy and healthy and the plans are coming together really well’ she tells Muddy. ‘I’m self motivated already, but it’s a nice change and enjoyable to set my own fitness targets – this time with a wedding dress to fit into. Whilst all the usual wedding planning shenanigans are going on in the background, I’m ready to deal with it – a healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand. As with my clients I’m setting myself  fitness tasks, and giving myself small targets every day. When I achieve the goal, I celebrate them as small victories.’ Speaking of victories, Sally is a foodie so life is very balanced, and that’s key to sustaining a happy, healthy life she says.

Food is your friend. Food is fuel for fitness

She says, ‘Since getting engaged in June, I’ve joined a few groups on Facebook about wedding planning and organisation; wedding styles or themes; and general wedding paraphernalia. A lot of the posts that I see are from brides (and grooms, but mostly brides) about slimming down before the wedding. As I said above, this isn’t a requirement for everyone, but I think it can be the one thing that often gets left to the last-minute, and then adds to the whole stress of organising a wedding.’

Sally shows us how it’s done. A happy bride is a healthy bride (and groom)

Whether you’re the bride to be, or a fretting bridesmaid, or simply a wedding guest looking for the confidence to carry off “that dress” or “that suit”, Sally can provide you with realistic targets and sustainable results. Be it weight loss, fitness or confidence boosting, hiring Sally is an effective and friendly way to set you on the way. Sally’s doors are open to everyone, and she block books sessions at £30 an hour.

Here are a few tips from Sally to help you on your way to a healthy you;

  • Drink plenty of water – helps with weight loss, but also helps keep your skin clear
  • Speak to a Personal Trainer like or get a Gym plan sorted – this will leave you one less thing to worry about, just turn up to the Gym, and not have to panic about what you need to do
  • Relax! – have 10-15 minutes each day to relax and unwind, taking time out of planning and stressing about the wedding
  • Increase your activity levels – go for a walk at lunchtime (this might also help with the relaxation), or try to increase the time you spend exercising
  • Get your sleep in check – get into a good night-time routine.  Lack of sleep can lead us to make poor food choices, you’re less likely to stick to your gym regime or deal well with extra stress
  • Keep your target realistic – if you have plenty of time; make sure you start as early as you can to ensure you can cope with the target you’ve set
  • Keep an eye on calorie intake – it may not specifically be weight loss you’re looking for, but you also want to avoid weight gain before the wedding. Know how many calories you should be having, and try to keep within that.

As the Northamptonshire days and nights start to lighten, why not invest in yourself in 2018 and make it your breakthrough year? Sally’s prepped and ready to go!.

Phone: 07791 115866
Facebook: SallyMillsPT

Still wondering if this is for you? Check out the testimonials of some of Sally’s success stories on her blog, just here

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2 comments on “A Wedding present from Sally Mills, Personal Trainer”

  • Cathie Bowmaker January 25, 2018

    Sally has been my PT for the last year and she’s helped me rekindle my love for exercise! I do a mixture of group and individual sessions, both of which are tailored to my goals and are seeing great results. Like Sally I’m getting married this year so it’s great to have goals in common. Sally is understanding of my likes and dislikes and although she throws the odd burpee in there, she’ll always explain the benefits and encourages me to push harder in every session.

    • annaloudearden January 26, 2018

      Thanks Cathie, sounds like you’re getting the goods from Sallie, despite those odd Burpees ; )


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