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How you’re sabotaging your fitness

We've all been there with the 'New Year, New Me' thing but how have you been keeping up? Here's 5 common ways we sabotage our fitness. Oops!

Fitness and looking healthy has become big business with our Insta feed being full of well sculpted, beautiful beings. We see both men and women going for the #StrongNotSkinny look, and we’re constantly being told about the benefits of HIIT training, protein shakes and deadlifts. But, while all these influencers seem to maintain their abs and biceps, a lot of us common folk just can’t keep up. But why is that? Top Life Coach Carole Ann Rice shares 5 common ways we sabotage our fitness goals:

1. I’ll start tomorrow

The biggest killer of fitness goals. ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ is something that we are all guilty of saying during our pursuit of a toned tummy. However, deep down, we know that tomorrow will never come. Rather than starting your new regime tomorrow, start it today; that way, you’ll be on the right path from the get-go.

2. Being too harsh

Getting fit is all about changing your lifestyle and learning to make healthy choices. However, for many of us, when we start out on our fitness journey, we crash diet and go overboard on being healthy. While it’s good to integrate smoothies and kale into your life, you’re not going to survive by just consuming them and nothing else. In order to be successful with your fitness goals, your regime needs to be sustainable, not unattainable.

3. Impatience

The key thing to remember when starting out on a fitness journey is that results will take time. While social media and advertisements can make you want instant results and abs overnight, the reality is that this is a process and your body will take a while to show the results of your hard work. Relax, trust the process and be patient.

4. Overexuberance

It’s good to be excited about changing your habits, but don’t become overexuberant and end up being disappointed. It’s all about taking small steps when planning your journey. Rather than focusing on dropping six dress sizes, focus on dropping two, and then another two. You’ve got to walk before you run so set yourself some realistic targets.

5. Not enough support

You’re always likely to quit if you’re not accountable to anyone. By getting yourself a buddy or a coach to report into at the end of each week, you will put pressure on yourself to achieve your goals and go to the gym or whatever they may be. Even if it’s just a friend or colleague, have someone that you have to report to at the end of the week and you will achieve your goals.

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