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Is the summer playing havoc with your eyes?

Top tips for hayfever from Davis Optometrists (warning, you may end up buying some Ray Bans)!

Mini Muddy is suffering horrendously with hayfever this year. And it’s not just a handful of people who dread the season. The symptoms of hayfever will affect 1 in 5 of us in our lifetime, and if you’ve suffered, you know it’s not just a slight sniff here and there. So we’ve tapped into the local experts on eyes, Davis Optometrists for a bit of insight, as they see patients that suffer with dry, itchy, watery eyes year on year. And this can often be from early spring right through until autumn, but the good news is, you don’t have to live with it and there are loads of treatments available. Here’s a lovely infographic from the College of Optometrists Short Guide to Hayfever or below, some quick advice and handy tips to get you through the next few months.

  • Avoid your exposure to pollen, by closing windows and keeping surfaces clear with a damp duster, especially at the start and end of the day when pollen levels are highest.
  • Visit your optometrist or pharmacist for advice and to get medicated eye drops to help alleviate itching and swelling.
  • If you wear contact lenses, remember to check if you can use the drops when you are wearing your lenses. When the pollen count is very high, it can be more comfortable to wear spectacles rather than contact lenses. You may also feel more comfortable by avoiding wearing contact lenses when you are gardening, particularly when mowing the lawn, as grass particles and pollen can become stuck behind the lens and cause discomfort.
  • If your eyes become dry, seek professional advice from your optometrist, pharmacist or GP. They may prescribe lubricating eye drops to ease the dryness.
  • Wear sunglasses when outside, which can help to protect your eyes from dust and pollen. And fortunately, Davis Optometrists, are bang on trend with prescription sunglasses with RayBan lenses and tints.

RayBan have been an iconic name in sunglasses since the 1950s (I may have lost a pair or two over the years); and when they began creating equally wearable styles in ophthalmic frames they became a go to brand for everyone. So if you do have to wear sunglasses to alleviate symptoms, there’s no worry about having to compromise on vision, style or protection from the damaging UV rays.

So there you have it. Your quick guide to getting your little peepers in fine fettle for your vaycay. And if you do get the RayBans, don’t leave them in that cool cocktail bar in Kefalonia! Pah…
Davis Optometrists

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