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5 ways to think smart about your business

Have you been thinking about starting your own business? From setting the direction of travel to shouting about your best bits, these top tips will help get your business off to a great start.

Photo by Cayley Nossiter on Unsplash

ActionCOACH is a global organisation dedicated to helping the local business community. They offer one-to-one coaching sessions, online courses and events to help your business thrive. Angela and Rupert Turton run the Oakham and Kettering branch and help local businesses to reach their full potential, make money, and get the lifestyle they really want.

We caught up with them recently for their top tips on how to rethink your business model.


The language of business is numbers, so it is vital that you know what yours are – not just the numbers that the accountant gives you, but the everyday numbers as well. Your numbers are split into two areas – the results and the activity and encompass all areas of your business. Knowing what activity you are doing will enable you to drive the results you want.   


Plan your business, don’t leave it to chance.  Work out what you want from your business, and this will set the direction of travel. Have a plan that clearly sets out your long-term goals and visions for your business, then drill down for the year, and then a quarter and finally by weekly and daily tasks. By clearly setting out the activities that need to be done and a timetable for fulfilment, you will stay on track and accomplish your goals more quickly compared to not having a plan. Also, the plan will enable you to see what you need to learn and the resources required to complete the tasks. Don’t stint on the planning process, preparation is key to success!


Plan your day and use it wisely. It is easy to get distracted or to follow current interest that all too often we find ourselves at the end of the day with a to-do-list that is still full, or a feeling of not having accomplished anything relevant to our business plans. I use a journal every evening to write up the absolutely essential things I need to complete the next day, followed by the lesser tasks. Some days are so full of appointments, that it can seem difficult to cram in anything else, but focusing on one crucial thing will help you find the time. Make sure that you know why you are doing the tasks on your to-do list, and which ultimate goal they will help you achieve. Even unpleasant or difficult tasks will be done if you know why you need to complete them. Run the day or the day will run you!


Do not be the world’s best kept secret. You need the right people to know that you exist and to know what you do, so they will come to you. The right marketing makes sales easy, and that is the greatest reason for marketing. Monitor your investment in marketing so you know what works and what doesn’t work. Try things out but don’t continue with things that do not work or have stopped being effective. That said, you do need to give things time to work, and this is where understanding your numbers, both the activity and the result, will be invaluable. Know the origin of every lead you get. 


Whatever term we use to define ourselves, if we are in business, we are in sales. Learn to love the sales process. Start by defining the customer journey. How are you taking prospects from knowing about you to buying from you? It is not usually a one stop journey. Usually there are several stops on the way, and you need to have a plan for encouraging the right people to move forward in the right way. Find a script for every advance you want your prospects to make. Train your staff to do the same. Whether you have an online business or an in-person business, you need to know your sales process. Work to promote engagement and curiosity from yourself, your staff, and your customers so the sales process is a two-way interaction, and your turnover will increase.    

Angela or Rupert Turton, are gifting a handful of business coaching sessions in November. To apply for a session, visit

ActionCOACH. Tel: 01572 497030. Email:

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